Does anyone know why this happens?

PCP and allergist

This happens to me every night. And sometimes during the day. PCP and allergist have tried but can’t seem to figure it out. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone know why this happens? Cure or treatment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



KAILEY LYNN GILBERT Yes. Heat. I will be hot and itchy one second then freezing. But still itchy. The room temperatures are always at a constant. For the past three years it’s getting continually worse.

JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER This is how I look every morning. It started Sept 28th. Heat makes it worse for me.

KAILEY LYNN GILBERT No. I’ve had an extensive allergy panel done. No food allergies. Just trees and dust mites. What is hashimotos

JEANNIE BRZIZINSKI BOSTLER Yes, thyroid medicine. But, that won’t take away the hives. Hashimotos is caused by gluten (that’s what I’ve read) I have had thyroid disease for 20 years, after i broke out in hives, I researched and found hives are linked to Hashimotos, so I asked my Dr. to test me. A lot of times your thyroid panel will be normal so you have to be tested for antibodies TPOAb & TGAb. My Dr. told me to stop eating gluten, dairy & sugar. My hives get worse if I am sick or in pain (I have sciatica right now) Very frustrating. Good luck to you!

KAILEY LYNN GILBERT Thank you for all the information. And good luck to you as well. Crossing my fingers for everyone with hives.

CAROLINE GORDON I have been on Xolair for 7 months. While, my chronic hives still have their moments, hours, .. It has allowed me to at least do something other than lie in bed in pain. It is worth a try.

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