Does anyone suffer mass hives like these and full tongue and throat swelling ?

Hi does anyone suffer mass hives like these and full tongue and throat swelling?? I’ve been suffering for two years autoimmume urticaria and last year I clean ate for 6 months and everything cleared up not one hive at all for 8 months… recently flared up as im presuming this flu bug ive had has irritated it and I’m on 40mg daily steroids into my second week and montelukast and 2/4 antihistamine until my hospital referral comes in again but the swelling and hives are out of control…..any one else get flare ups when ill??


Demelza O’leary Some flu strains can cause hives.

Judy Fieldhouse I hope it’s from that and it goes again 😣 x

Joanne Benson I was like this on and off for years till they discovered I had urticaria vasculitis

Judy Fieldhouse What’s that then? I’ve been told I have autoimmune urticaria where my own immune system attacks itself x

Joanne Benson I had my bloods tested and it came back with high levels.of c1q antibodys pointing to uv

Judy Fieldhouse I had lots of blood tests a year ago but nothing I’ll mention this when I go back….thank you….the steroids aren’t even calming it this time it’s frightening with the swelling x

Shirley Bewley I so agree Judy,it makes me feel really ill, there’s just no reason for it it just pops up anywhere,any time so scary.

Amanda Lally Joanne Benson how do they treat UV? Differently than just urticaria? I think I have UV too.

Joanna Richards Unfortunately yes. I get angiodema everytime i get any virus. Have has flu over last couple of weeks and been ambulanced in twice because of my toungue. X

Judy Fieldhouse I’m so glad you’ve told me that (not that it’s happened) as im getting really paranoid….I have an epi pen that’s helped with the tongue swelling and the steroids but the hives are crazy….feeling better now so hoping it starts to clear up xx

Joanna Richards What antihistamines are u taking.

Kimberly Lynn I had a stroke several years ago and was out on aspirin. BIG MISTAKE I had one bug hive the size of my thigh. Went to the neurologist and he saw them and promptly took me off and out me on a blood thinner. They went away for 3 years and came back full force this year. I take 2 Zantac and 2 Zyrtec and it keeps them at bay … For now.

Ali Vernasco I used to get tongue and throat swelling at times. It was so painful. My hives come now when I am sick, on my cycle, or drastic weather changes. Being sick definitely activated them for me. It makes sense because my immunologist explained to me that my cells likely started attacking each other when I had a virus and with autoimmune issues, they keep recognizing other cells as the enemy and it results in hives. I’m guess that’s why it flares when I get sick or adjust to changes in the environment or in my cycle. I’m definitely not a doctor, but that’s what I think…

Judy Fieldhouse That’s sounds just like me….I haven’t been sick in a long time but definitely get itchy when on my cycle but no hives in last 8 months….I’m hoping it will taper off now I’m fetling better…see what happens in the next few days….thanks x

Laurie Killam I’ve always said my hives were a predictor of my health. They always flare up when I get sick or on my cycle as well!

Joanna Richards Do u have it angiodema under control now?

Jessica Simmons DeLisio Yes. I had a two or three week flare when I had a sinus infection.

Olesea Popa Similar situation, I was hives free for over 6 months keeping a low histamine diet. Last month I got the flu. I was all covered in hives and start popping pills.
But I got it all covered again, I discovered the power of fasting- which I really recommend it. Medication free again 🤞
There is a documentary on amazon prime called ‘Science of fasting’, which is very explanatory. Plus, I shared these with many others and it seems that a lot of people is doing it. Too bad I heard about it so late, but good that I did!

Amanda Lally Yes upper respiratory infection always the big trigger and then takes forever to arrest them. So sorry. You must be itchy. Hang in. So hard.

Jes Stillman Lloyd Oh sweetie, those look like torture 🙁 My hives went from bad to unbearable during and after. But silver lining, the flu didn’t seem quite as bad because of the damn itching!

Olesea Popa i totaly Agree, is a torture with good results. Trust me, it wasn’t easy ( 5 days max I was able to manage).
And 1st, I waited for the flu to go away, other wise would be bad for the immune system to fight 2 on an empty stomach. I actually 1st started with intermitted fasting, with is much easier. This disease makes my life miserable, and o got desperate to find a way to shut it down! At least as long as I can

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