Does this mean my body is rejecting the medicine?

Feeling nervous . after being on xolair for one year things were going great not even one hive and today I started getting them on my hand and finger . And I just had my last shot on Thursday . Does this mean my body is rejecting the medicine? Has this happened to anyone ?


Julie Davies My hands have been the same sine end of Jan I feel for U xxx

Christymae N Kenny Dean It happens to me quite often, where they will just pop up and then go away. I just had my 10th xoliar

Jen Breen They have.been on my hands all weekend.

Larry Miller 6 months on Xolair. Break through hives all the time. But manageable.

Paul Chopra Been on Xolair over 3 years. My hands are the spot I get hives consistently.

Michael Donato I try’d every med available for the first ten years, l felt like a lab rat . Nothing worked long term . My wife convinced me to try healistic , only took a month to disappear , it didn’t last a year before they were back again . That was 20years ago, still get them bad on my hands & feet , steel toe boots are not forgiving . Using a power tool or trying to get that little screw to fit in that hole when my hands feel like they are going to explode , still don’t use any meds , just try to be comfortable , every chance I get. Don’t scratch !

Jen Breen Oh do I feel for you. My hands and feet have been out of control this weekend. I can’t image wearing steel toe.

Michael Donato Once my toes swell up in my boots my feet get hot, it’s not going to help today its forecast for 37c – 100f

Jen Breen Wow .prayers for cool and hive free day. I really fee for ya.

Sharon Hubert This is what happens to my hands as well.

Nina Kiteley It does happen after a year. My daughter is now getting it every 3 weeks as it wasn’t working after a year of being on. She only had her 3rd week injections today. There is another girl that has had to get it every 2 weeks for the same reason. There seems to be a link with hands though as this is where my daughter gets hives first now

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