Does this sometimes happen with hives?

I had a hive that wouldn’t go away. I’m thinking it was a hive. Anyways, it’s turned into a mark with little pimple marks in it. I showed a doctor and she said it looked viral. Does this sometimes happen with hives?


Röbïñ Ñïcöle Depends were you scratching it hard ? I sometimes get a bruise from my hives .

Jessica West No, I never scratched it

Röbïñ Ñïcöle I’m not sure what it could be

Linda Lee-Willix Is it on your side abdomen?

Jessica West Yes, like on ribcage. At first I thought it was shingles but dr didn’t think it was

Linda Lee-Willix I don’t know, looks a little like shingles to me. I just had shingles last April. I’m not a doctor, just my opinion from your picture.

Jessica West I thought it was too. But thought because it’s the only spot that looks like that, it probably wasnt

Linda Lee-Willix Mine were just a small patch kinda similar to yours (no where near the stuff they show online or on tv). My doctor says the virus could be brought on by stress and a weak immune system.

Jessica West I think I’m going to go back to the dr tomorrow. What can you do to treat shingles? I always thought you had to just ride it out.

Linda Lee-Willix My doctor gave me a antiviral, I can’t recall the name but it’s just supposed to shorten the time, it’s not a cure. Maybe your don’t have it, let’s hope.

Jessica West I hope not. I’ll get it checked out to be sure.

Jordan Else I thought shingles maybe too. Good luck!

Kay Graves I get bruises and scabs from itching or rubbing to hard.

Cindy Stimson Jusseaume I had shingles . Do you have more like that on the same side of your body ?

Jessica West No, it’s the only spot

Cindy Stimson Jusseaume Shingles follow a path and all on one side of the body . I have had hives that did exactly what yours did .

Jessica West Just confirmed it’s shingles! 😔 I got prescribed an anti viral med

Cindy Stimson Jusseaume Wow , I went on anti viral right away and I was covered and in terrible pain ! I’m glad to hear that you only have this one breakout . I hope you feel better soon .

Jessica West Thanks! Yes, it’s just a small patch. I’m on an antiviral but because I’m starting late they said I’m going to need another med when I finish the first one. Just finished my zpack for pneumonia and now this! Ahhh about to loose my mind. And two of my kids have the flu right now.

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