Don’t give up! These hives pictures were from last week

Don’t give up! These pictures were from last week (happening every day and covering my entire body) while I was taking 24 pills per day including prednisone and other nasty stuff. I got 2 shots of Xolair in the days after and I am now hive and angioedema free and down to only a few antihistamines per day and keep cutting them down every day. I had been to 2 allergists and they said that there was no way to get my insurance to help with the Xolair (other than the co-pay card) which left me to pay $14,000 per year if I got the shot every month. I went to a 3rd Allergist and we went through some checklists and he wrote a nasty letter to my insurance. Within days of his letter my insurance approved Xolair!
He said that insurance companies will approve Xolair if they consider it a “medical benefit” because it is fda approved. I can’t believe how much more clear my mind is without the meds and how much happier I am! If you are in the Salt Lake City area then you need to go see dr. Moffat in Sandy!


Maggie Maye I am so happy for you..has been a life saver for me too

Jennifer Leigh Johnson Awesome!

Laura Press So pleased it’s bin a miracle for me too

Travis Holmes Thanks! Life was all about the hives and swelling. Not an hour went by without the thought of it. Now I can actually do things without worrying. I just pray that it continues to work.

Catherine Ashton Gr8 news . So glad to see your hives are gone

Jayne Cooke Wonderful news

Eileen Burns Xolair is totally life changing for some of us. It is the wonder drug if it works for you. I am one of the lucky ones that’s benefitted from it big time. I’m now on an enforced break from Xolair to see if my CU reappears. It will be 4wks overdue for my treatment on Monday. Still take 6 antihistamines daily on consultant’s instructions. Xolair is an add on to antihistamines , not a total instead of the antihistamines. They work together. My life is great, instead of shit, that it was till March of 2015 when I was given xolair. Happy hive itch free new year. Xx

PennyLee Kozak That’s awesome! I’m so happy you found a doctor that took the time to help on the financial side of things. congratulations

Pam Hutchins That’s great, Travis!


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