hi Every hive turned into dark spots.

Every hive turned into dark spots.

Hello, i’m new here, there is something I would like to share with you about my urticaria. I had to go to emergency because the itching and burning were getting me crazy and they injected me Benadryl, it burned like wow!! And I cried because I never felt something so extreme in my whole life! For seconds I felt it was my end and I was very scared. Every hive turned into dark spots.
The doctors can’t explain this reaction that lasted 5 days and then disappeared.


Teresa White Sounds like what they say I have…Urticarial Vasculitis. It’s not like regular Urticaria where your hives come and go within 24 hours or so. Vasculitis lingers for days and then the hives go away but leave marks from their presence. I hope you are feeling better from this flare.. I started taking Probiotics and Iron and mine got better. I haven’t had an actual flare in 2 months or so. And monitor your eating habits. They say food doesn’t have anything to do with it but that’s just not true! I had flares when I ate certain things and especially if I ate certain things before bed. I’ve learned how to monitor what I eat so I’ll know what triggered the flares. Stress is also a factor. Invest in some Goldbond Medicated Powder and some Aveeno Colloidal Oatmeal Bath. Those two things helped me thru the bad days! Not trying to be bossy Lol But hope my experiences help you! Feel Better!!!

Bridget Cochrane Looks like huv . This was helpful

Teresa White Ooohhh..did you have swelling with your hives?

Kathy Schmitt This is urticaria vasculitis and it is more difficult. Talk to you doctors about it. For most people, food, drink and allergens have no effect on CSU unless you have allergies or sensitivities. Best of luck and welcome to the group

Nells BV Yes!!! The hives went away!!! It was immediately seconds after they gave me Benadryl. I had cetrizine 20mg and that helped me a lot and I mean a lot!!! Last week I had a second reaction, it was at night after I finished eating, my hands itches a lot but I ignored and went to bed at around 9pm, I woke up at midnight with hives and scared again but cetrizine helped and it took 2 days only but now I am alert for signs that my body gives me, itchy hands, itchy feet, hot ears, itchy face, etc And yeah! Food has definitely something to do with it. Thanks, I feel good to know that I’m not the only one with this reaction.

Teresa White Keep listening to your body. It will tell you what doctors can’t. And do your own research.

Nells BV Yeah, my doctor told me to continue eating as normal and I did so but 2 months after I got the crazy itch again!! I also talked to a allergologist and she told me it was a virus and some people get it once in the life and some get it several times and it becomes chronical.

Paul W. Lord Jr. my hives for the last 30 years show up and last for up to two weeks per time almost every time and look different each year depending on what hit me all the way until the last 5 years, i have only had one big flair up due to mother nature attacking me last year by way of a bug but the last 5 years have been good all by fixing my diet and i am talking extreme diet change over the last 5 years each year a little bit better with a little change’s as i identified each little trigger and by life stile change i do say many things. it is hard but worth the end results, very few bad days and no med’s for the most part now. and you got to listen to you’re gut and skin will identify each issue once you clean the body out to start.

Kathy Schmitt If food is truly the cause, a simple elimination diet should get rid of the urticaria. It really is that simple. I was put on a diet of boiled white rice and boiled potatoes for over two months in the hospital. Talk to your doctor about putting you on a diet like that. If food is your problem, you should be hive free in no time

Nells BV Hi, I don’t have food allergies None that I know

Kathy Schmitt You were saying it’s caused by food. If you eliminate the cause, it should stop, right? If it’s really CSU, then food doesn’t cause it. If it’s an allergy or sensitivity to some food or chemical or ingredient, then eliminating that will make it go away. That’s why I say to discuss an elimination diet with your doctor

Ann Morgan i spray this on mine to keep me from going mad , cools the skin , stops the itch and lasts also sleep with a fan on me everynight no matter what the weather , sounds mental i know but a paramedic told me about it so thought i would give it a go as at that point the only thing that helped was to sit on a chair with a cold wet towel wrapped around me x

Robyn Diprose Wow that’s amazing.. is it full of chemicals? I guess if it works who cares, right!

Ann Morgan i was in such a state at the time i was willing to try anything i have told my doctor i use it and she didn’t seem bothered or surprised , if i can cope without it i will , but i guess it goes on your skin when it’s on your clothes anyway , it’s been a god send at night really helps me get some sleep , im now doing a chart for 6 weeks to see if i can get XOLAIR injections may be worth bringing them up cause they are expensive and they don’t xx

Robyn Diprose I’m glad it’s working for you Ann.. Anything that works is a good thing Good luck with xolair..

Paul W. Lord Jr. i think you may have issues with plastic as many fabric’s in the modern day have synthetic fibers. and spray starch may be makes a protective layer keeping the fabric from penetrating the skin interesting concept i will need to do some research on this idea. one of my issues is with fabric that has plastic fibers i have investigated many of my rash issues over the last 30 years and found fibers in-bedded in my skin using a microscop to look and find the fiber sticking in my skin at the center of each little bump of a rash at time. as the route cause for some of my rash issues simple way for me to eliminate that kind of fabric issues is to remove exposure to plastic fibers.

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