Everyday this month gets worse in this round of hives

Just another day in paradise. Everyday this month gets worse and I’m 6 months in this round of hives. I was down to 2 mg a day of prednisone (and still had hives but they were manageable) and now I’m back up to 10mg a day and still look like this. I want to get off of it so bad. So frustrating


Yvonne Visée Clohessy Are you on any drugs other than prednisone?

Meagan Motley I started hydroxyzine 4 nights ago. Other then that, I’m on Zyrtec, Allegra and benedryl

Yvonne Visée Clohessy Have you heard of xolair, so many people are being helped with this shot. Didn’t work for me but am on other major drugs.

Meagan Motley I’ve heard of it but I wonder why my allergy Doctor hasn’t mentioned it at all. What else are you on?

Yvonne Visée Clohessy I’ve been on cyclosporine for 2 yrs, but it stopped working for me last month. Now am on celcept. Here’s hoping it works. Also on 50mg Zyrtec, 10mg singular, 10mg doxepin. A lot of Dr’s don’t have a clue. I just looked on the map (at the top of the group page under pinned posts) and don’t see any Dr recomedations from the group in your area

Valerie Haynes How much zyrtec? My immunologist said Allegra is not good for urticaria. Have they tried adding singulair. Have you had your thyroid tested, specifically your TPO level to check for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditi? Have you supplemented with vitd? You hives looks like mine. I take 2 zyrtec, Vit d 5000, levothyroxine 100, and ranitidine 150 in am. At night ranitidine 150, zyrtec, and singulair. My hives are soooooo much better since starting this a few weeks ago. I also take a prenatal vit at night.

Pamela Mason Cox I’m on 10mg Prednisone qd, Singulair qd, zyrtec bid, and on top of that, lately throwing in a Benadryl p.m.

Ellen Frantzen Ouch. I know how that feels. ‘hug’ . Personally the roids didn’t do much for me and in the end it just made the flare ups worse. Do you live in the UK? My GP also didn’t recommend I be on them longer than 5-10 days. Have you looked I to chinese medicine? It’s working wonders on me so far plus a lot less harmful then predisone. Elx

Meagan Motley I’m actually going to acupuncture in 3 hours and getting some Chinese herbs. I live in the US. However, I did acupuncture and the herbs when I had them 6 years ago and it didn’t help. But I try everything a few times Caz I can’t give up!

Yvonne Visée Clohessy I’m going to try “Chinese” acupuncture as well. Haven’t tried the herbs yet.

Ana Garcia I feel you. This is crazy!

Kathy Lynn Lee Bless your heart! I am doing some experimentation with essential oils. I will definately post anything that helps.

Jaime Carlucci You poor thing. Have you tried other antihistamines?

Meagan Motley Which ones? I’m open to everything. I’ve tried singular, Claritin and the 4 that I’m currently on benedryl, Zyrtec, Allegra and hydrox.

Jaime Carlucci Oh my. I take one Zantac twice a day, 2 zyrtec twice a day and 4000ius of vitamin d. I didn’t start to actually see results until I started taking the vitamins.

Meagan Motley I’ve tried Zantac too. Gosh I just wish I could figure this out! It’s been 23 years of searching for an answer. I just pray that my baby girl doesn’t get anything like this. My heart would break for her.

Meagan Motley I’ve been taking vitamin d for 5 years. Actually when I was trying to get pregnant and had to get a million blood tests, the doctor commented that my vitamin d levels were good and that most women are lacking. I take vitamin d and teach PE in sunny California. So I’m sure that helps

Ari Bido Pichardo Totally understand but it comes to a point where we have to just live with it. I used to get very frustrated only to get worse. Try to put coconut oil on ur skin hope it works. Best wishes.

Meagan Motley Thanks Ari. I actually do use coconut oil. And for many other things too!

DanandKim Haynie I remember my stomach looking like that as well as the rest of my body. So miserable! ! I ended up getting worse when I got on the prednisone and ended up with throat swell also. If you get worse on it be careful please you could get a rebound attack is what I think they called it!

Meagan Motley Ok thanks. I will look out for that. I’ve had these since I was 11. 5 episodes lasting from 6-18 months. I’ve had to go on prednisone each time. Sucks!

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