Everyone is staring at my swollen lips by hives

Keep getting the hives randomly I hadn’t had them in months-yr when i first Ever experienced them i found out i was pregnant and after i lost the baby still had the hives for a year after

Recent flare up on my lips 2nd day in a row And my hands can anyone please give me any advice I hate even going out in public bc I feel like everyone is staring at my swollen lip☹️


Linda Malley Poor baby. Put some cool water for some temporary relief. What are you currently taking?

Gabrielle Crosby All I took was some Benadryl but it’s not helping so far and a ice pack 👎

Linda Malley Gabrielle Crosby How are you feeling this morning?

Brittany Keown Have u tried taking a probiotic ? I had same exact issue . Random hives and lip swelling and the probiotic healed my stomach which was causing the hives .

Gabrielle Crosby Hmm no I’ve never tried that I’m not sure what exactly causes my hives I went to an allergist and all they did was labs I haven’t had a allergy test but do you think the probiotic will help with lip swelling even with no GI issues?

Brittany Keown Gabrielle Crosby yes ! I had every test possible and all came back negative. I just noticed when i watched my dairy intake it helped some so i new it was something with my stomach . I see many ppl in this group said probiotic helped them so i gave it a shot and it completely healed me . I’ll take a picture of the probiotic I’m on 😊 i get it at Walmart . it also helps female hormones lol .. i love it ❤️ it’s def worth a shot !

Brittany Keown It took atleast a month for it to fully work and get in my system .

Everyone is staring at my swollen lips by hives

Paul Deady Once I hive up I get the best relief by trying to cool my body down as much as possible like driving to work with my windows down and cool showers.

Lynn Lucas Gould All the above suggestions will help. You might want to check out low histamine diets, foods high in histamine generally cause flare ups for people with hives. You don’t always have to be allergic to a food to get hives from them, and keep in mind when ruling out foods that make them worse, that you may not react immediately from a food; sometimes I won’t have a flare for 6-12 hours after I’ve eaten something I know I shouldn’t have. Also steer clear of aspirin, nsaids, and ibuprofen, they make hives worse for most of us. Try to stick to Tylenol, or the generic form of it for pain.

Gypsy Cyndi Wirtz Probiotics helps only some… try zyrtec … you can add pepcid as a H2 receptor.. make sure your vitamin E and C are good…. there are so many reasons or causes and different things you can do.. all hives are different

Bella Mason Try Allegra, Zyrtec or Xyzal. You can take a couple at a time (per my doc, 4 Allegra’s a day are ok and that’s what I’m taking, nothing less will give me relief). Also, the one on the lip is not a hive. Eye and/or lip swelling is called Angiodema and it often goes along with hives. I get that too randomly, I usually wake up with it and it will go down within a few hours. Look for a good immunologist that will run some tests, maybe they can find your triggers.. hang on in there!

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