Fighting a sinus infection the last few days

Fighting a sinus infection the last few days and now this. Not sure if it’s the meds (Tylenol, Mucinex, NyQuil) or the piece of wheat toast I ate last night.


THERESA KRAMER GABICA The worst thing is that we’re leaving on vacation Thursday morning.

HAYLEY BUTLER I get worsening hives when I’m sick. It doesn’t matter what meds or what I eat.

THERESA KRAMER GABICA Valentine’s Day – NO hives! Only the 4th day in almost a year. This morning they were back. 🙁 Just a few on my neck, thighs and ankles.

THERESA KRAMER GABICA No hives Thursday or Friday. That’s 3 days this week! Not sure what I’m doing right or differently. (Still taking zyrtec or claritin every 4 hours and sleeping in a light tank top.) I’ll check back in a few days


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