Gaining almost 40 lbs on steroids and suffering I finally took control of it all

Aside from being pumped full of steroids and antihistamine it’s important that I share with you a major factor in feeling better!
We all know having Hives sucks, add to that the angioedema, intense pain, temperature irregularity, exhaustion, and oh yeah the itchiness!!!! After gaining almost 40lbs on steroids and suffering I finally took control of it all. The first week sucked really bad! Exercise induced hives anyone? Yeah I know.. But the adrenaline you release while exercising is like a natural shot of Eppi!
Try it! Give it more than a week.. I am now down 33lbs and even if I wake up with a hives or two by the time I’m done exercising they are all gone.


GGillian Tait Looking fab!

Susan Chertkof How does the temp irregularity relate to the rest of the symptoms? I have that too. Get so hot while sleeping I feel like I’m gonna combust.

Rachel Rae DiSalvo Susan… In my experience when I’m flushing with hives I get very warm in some areas and very cold on others. I get extremely cold when welts or swelling start to occur meanwhile the people sitting next to me will feel all of my body heat radiating out of me. Your blood rushed to the surface of your skin (hence those lovely pink colored spots)
Your heat is drawn there.

Kathy Schmitt You look amazing!

Carmel Spencer Well done girl you look greatness

Christina Patrick Good job, you look great! 

Sue Elshire Hargrave Rachel, you rock! What an inspiration!!!


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