Gets a RAGING belly ache With hives

This is going to sound very weird but who gets a RAGING belly ache when they are in flare up? I dont mean a belly ache that goes when you go to the toilet, or that goes after a few hours, I’m on about the type that lasts for literally days on end. I get these aches often and they always coincide with the “larger” flare up, I could understand if I ate different to everyone else but Iv literally ate the same as my husband and children and they’re all fine but I have also had a 3 day flare xx


Irene Vdb It’s possible to get intestinal angioedema and that would be painful.

Tamara Tulloch Burton Your belly is telling you something. You need to document what your eating and watch for patterns

Janet Kelley I get pain in my chest and esophageal area..even if throat does not swell, it gets painful, hoarseness and discomfort. Hurts to swallow. I wonder sometimes if these symptoms actually cause hives. They get worse when it happens.

Katt LynnAnn Janet Kelley I have trouble swallowing also n was recommended to see an oncologist and have the camera things stuck down my throat but w/o insurance or enough money…my hives erupted big time Nov. 24th this year.

Janet Kelley Katt LynnAnn so sorry.. it’s all so scary and just unpredictable. I am looking into xolair, it seems to be the new miracle drug. Hope u are better since Nov. Break out.

Katt LynnAnn Janet Kelley Ty no it’s hanging on to me n yes it’s totally a nightmare. Hope u figure something out soon too

Michelle Pitts Caldwell I’ve had flares so bad that it felt like the spreading of my hips from childbirth kind of pain. I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s horrid! For days on end…the hives come after this, days or weeks later.

Brenda Nichols Michelle Pitts Caldwell I had that happen last flare too. It hurt so bad and nothing relieved it. But I know joint pain is normal with this crap. Sucks though!

Michelle Pitts Caldwell Brenda Nichols I know now that’s for sure. This last flare I’ve had loads of body pain.

Ashley Rickey Yes I used to get pain in my intestines for hoouurrsss! It would always hit at night and keep me up. It wasn’t exactly my stomach area, nor the same area I get period cramps so I just assume it’s my intestines. Like deep, swollen, and painful.

Alison Farr My daughter suffers with terrible tummy aches, seems to start a couple of days before her skin flares and can last for a good week or two

Jenn Crisp Kimberley Ann if only. I have diverticulitis and I’m so irregular with my movements. I know when my bowels are playing up as I get feverish and start throwing up
This started Christmas eve with a swollen lip arms and feet, then 25th had the traditional christmas dinner, cooked by myself, with lamb (my absolute favourite) and duck (which iv never eaten like that before, have eaten it from Chinese in pancakes) that was at half 2, by 5 I noticed a little belly ache but as I felt unwell before dinner I thought nothing of it. Woke up yesterday morning with full on raging guts but went as far up as my throat making it hard to swallow but also woke with a swollen tongue. Avoided everything I knew had been in contact with pork as I know that’s a potential trigger for me and today the pain is horrendous xx

Shannon Gabriel My daughter experiences angioedema in her intestines the night prior to getting hives. Her allergist said it’s common for those that get angioedema with their hives. It’s a stabbing pain and causes vomiting and/or diarrhea everytime. It’s painful to watch her go through it – pain reliever doesn’t do anything. Typically lasts for 4-5 hours. Thank goodness her treatment plan is working for the past 6 months

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