God gave me baby the best 9 months of no hives

I know many of us have asked questions and been nervous about pregnancy, labor, and how CU will affect the baby so I wanted to share My little miracle (who gave me the best 9 months of no hives), arrived on Wednesday 8/2. Conor James is healthy and strong! He was delivered via c-section at 37 weeks for other medical reasons, weighing 6 lbs 3oz. We are both hive free!


Angela Bailey Dentler Congratulations! Enjoy your beautiful baby

Elena Caudle Hutchison I hope you stay hive free postpartum!! (This can sometimes be a welcome benefit of nursing!)

Danielle Loughran Me too!

Melody Daily Many blessings to your family!!

Kathy Anstead How cute

Abbey Arceo What a little hunk of burning love. And not the itchy kinda burn

Danielle Loughran Haha! Thank you!

Anna Florio Constantinou Awww so cute!!! Congratulations and God bless. Fun times ahead!

Brooke Julée Crume Just like that, a little bit of hope grows for me as well. Congrats on your new life, little one! Welcome home!

Amani A. Qwasmi congrats you gave me some hope ..can I ask you when you start to be hives free because I am now on week 5 and I have the worse hive ever and can’t even take any medication

RaeAnn Nelson I wasn’t until week 16

RaeAnn Nelson I took zyrtec regularly to help with morning sickness also so that helped a touch

Danielle Loughran Hi Amani! I landed in the ER at 2 weeks pregnant (didn’t know at the time) with the worst swelling ever! My face and hands swelled so bad I had no use of my fingers. Hives were out of control! They gave me a steroid injection and a low dose of prednisone that tapered down for i believe 5 days. by week 4/5 they were completely gone and never returned! I took Zyrtec daily in the beginning & eventually stopped. Two weeks before my scheduled date, my immunologist and ob/gyn had me start it up again as a preventative. Please don’t give up hope. You can’t take anything?

Rachel Ann Walmsley Beautiful – many congratulations! I believe sometimes your body is rebooted after pregnancy and for some it doesn’t come back – I was not quite so lucky but did have 6 months off while I breast fed which was bliss! Enjoy your new arrival – he is perfect!! Xx

Danielle Loughran I’m sorry yours returned. That’s what I keep hearing, but for now I’m am going to enjoy this and keep on hoping, and be grateful for whatever amount of time im hive free. I’m just so grateful my baby is fine which was my biggest concern.

Kate Davis Congratulations!!!! What a love! So glad to hear your story. Did you stay on any medication during pregnancy? I’m trying to decide now if I should stay on any while trying for a baby.

Danielle Loughran I was on Zyrtec for a while in the beginning and then started again 2 weeks before my scheduled date as a preventative. I had an ER stint in the beginning too I posted in reply to Amani above.

Kate Davis Danielle Loughran thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy motherhood and each day with your little beauty!

Danielle Loughran Teri Lee Barker 20mg to start then reduced to 10mg then by around week 15ish went completely off it it. 2 weeks ago started back at 10mg.

Danielle Loughran Thank you everyone! I love reading about everyone’s experiences. So many of your stories have comforted me at my worst & I thought maybe my story could do the same, even if it’s just one of you. Nobody truly understands what we go thru besides us. So happy I found this group!

Bobbie Ann How precious!!! I have a son Named Connor James and he was born at 37 weeks also!! Congratulations on your little man!!

Danielle Loughran I love it! Thank you!

Mikayla Whetton This is awesome, I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant and am enjoying being give free. But am nervous for baby and nervous for me after giving birth.

Danielle Loughran I was more nervous about the hives than I was actual delivery so I totally get it! Enjoy this time mama & congrats!

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