Had anyone taking higher than normal doses of chlorpheniramine had any side effects?

Had anyone taking higher than normal doses of chlorpheniramine had any side effects? I was fine until he upped me to 3 pills 4x a day. My heart is pounding at night mostly, but sometimes during day as well. I also take desloratidine, loratidine and ranitidine. I’m having similar reaction when I tried to up my loratidine dose to 30mg at night. Had to taper back to 30 mg and it doesn’t help without the chlorpheniramine. This is so frustrating since the chlor is helping. I’ve had no hives since upping the dose, bit it may not be worth the heart pounding issues.


Joanna Richards Thats a lot of antihistamines together? I react to desloratidine and chlorphenimine

Joanna Richards Im on 4x loratidine daily and have a raised hesrt rste but thinking that may be low iron?

Laurie A Weber I take the desloratidine with ranitidine and chlor in am, and 2 more doses of chlor spread out thru day, then at night take ranitidine and loratidine and a last dose of chlor 2 hours later. I definitely think tjia time around my body doesn’t like high doses if any of these meds. It’s been over 11 years since my last hive breakout. I’ve been in hell covered in hives since november until he finally put me on the chlor and the hives are just about gone

Charlene Mcfall I was taking 3 x loratadine daily then 2 x chlorpheniramine at night, was fine for a few wks then I started to be aware of my heart pounding, first at night then also started during the day, stopped taking both of them & pounding heart stopped. Mentioned it to my dermatologist, he said he had never heard this before, I’ve not taken any antihistamines for almost 3 wks & been mostly hive free for the first time in a year, fingers crossed they don’t come back

Laurie A Weber That’s me too! I don’t thin k I’ll be as lucky as you though. Hope they never come back!

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