Has anyone been miss diagnosed with Chronic Hives and it been something else?

Has anyone been miss diagnosed with Chronic Hives and it been something else? (Like you were allergic to something you were eating everyday or medicine you took everyday) I ask this because my hives don’t itch – praise the lord and knocking on real wood. The Allergist came up with this after I’d had the welts for 6 weeks and my antibodies came back high but not by a whole lot. I have hypothyroidism too.


Liz Hennessy My hives don’t itch either . The cold brings mine out and when my body tem drops .

Donna M. Eichles At what temp do your hives appear? I get a red blush with wind, hives with activity around 32 to below.

Liz Hennessy I go red in the wind and also the hives come out if it anyway cold .if I do any activity they come out also . I am a smoker and I find if I smoke two many they come out also

Donna M. Eichles I dont smoke, but these damn hives are just wicked at times.

Liz Hennessy I find that people don’t understand that don’t suffer from it . I have mine four years in April . Your constant worried that they flare . My dermatologist said they will burn out in time .i not so sure

Allison Ward My 10 year old son has been getting hives for two years and says his don’t itch

Melissa Grande I have hypothyroidism. I honestly think chronic hives are part of thyroid disease but no doctor I’ve heard of will agree they are connected. I think it’s a gut connection.

Jamie Kohler Allen I totally agree! I started having gut issues and two years later, hives. Still can’t find the actual trigger.

Deidre Brown-Kennedy Mine itch, burn and sometimes they are just there.

Nicole Masciantonio I’m the same way! And tonight I’m at my worst !

Kristen Soderberg I was diagnosed with CIU during pregnancy but after I gave birth, well 3 months post partum they retested my blood and did a biopsy and then changed my diagnosis to Autoimmune Urticaria and Urticaria Vasculitis.

Amanda Cabrera My hives are from my autoimmune diseases. Hashimoto (autoimmune hypothyroidism) is one of my 5 autoimmune diseases.

Pamela Johnson Are you doing the AIP protocol?

Amanda Cabrera Yes I do follow AIP.

Wendy Wells Newton What is AIP ?

Amanda Cabrera AIP is autoimmune protocol. It’s similar to a paleo diet. No grains, nightshades, dairy, etc. It’s removing inflammatory foods.

Nancy Mooney Michalak mine too, hypothyroidism, vitiligo, pernicious anemia. I have extremely high antibodies to thyroglobulin. Plaquinil has cure the hives after trying xolair with no results and 4 to 5 antihistamines a day for 6 years.

Ryan Isenberg Mine would vary, some days it looked much worse than it felt and sometimes it felt worse than it looked. Itching was somewhat tied to how much swelling the hive had.

Kayley Gibbons I have both. Itchy hives on most of my body accompanied by idiopathic angioedema but I get non-itchy hive breakouts on my chest whenever I feel an extreme emotion.

Kendra McClellan Some days mine don’t itch and some days they are mildly itchy.

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