Has anyone else had this hives issue?

so yesterday was my allergist appointment for my next xolair shot and I had asked how many I’ve gotten thinking it would’ve been 4 but it turns out I’ve had 6 shots and it’s still doing basically nothing. On top of that, I had a horrible reaction to it. Has anyone else had this issue?


Maureen Davidson What reaction did you have to injection please

Karlie Stanley Maureen Davidson well I noticed my face was really itchy and bumpy and I noticed it started spreading so I had big hives on my face all night and today I woke up with my eyes swollen. This is my second reaction to this shot.

Maureen Davidson Karlie Stanley hope it settles down soon you take care Karliex

Karlie Stanley Maureen Davidson thank you so much, you too!

Jodi Davis Gempler Oh no. I am so sorry. Your poor face is all swollen. I hope you find some relief soon. This is such a infuriating condition.

Karlie Stanley Jodi Davis Gempler thank you so much

Kristina Evans Tell your doctor you want to be on placqunil it’s a miricle drug. It works the same as prednisone but with no side effects demand they put you on it. It’s the ONLY thing that works that is no harm to your body. It got me off those stupid expensive xoliar shots that could cause you to go blind and give u cancer

Kristina Evans Ps I looked just like you in this picture for way to long.  It’s used to treat Lupus but I do not have Lupus and now after 1 1/2 years of the hives they are gone. Not sure why they just stopped

Karlie Stanley Kristina Evans I will definitely look into it!! Thank you so much for telling me . they keep giving it to me and it’s making my hives worse and prednisone is horrible I had to take myself off of it because the doctors weren’t

Jennifer L. Owens This is good information. Thanks for sharing. I’m scheduled for my 1st shot next week. I pray it takes well.

Karlie Stanley Jennifer L. Owens I hope it goes well for you, good luck I hope you find relief!!

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