Has anyone ever had hives that look like this?

So I am not sure if this is a hive thing or something different

Has anyone ever had hives that look like this? I have been on xolair for a couple of months and my hives have been almost completely gone since then. But the last couple of days my skin has been itchy, and now I have several spots that look like this (as well as one or two spots that look like regular hives). So I’m not sure if this is a hive thing or something different.


Kathe Vale
I have some isolated spots like that too. They seem to be just “there” and never turn into what I think is a hive. But they are extremely itchy. I dab them with calamine hoping they will dry up eventually. The skin is so weird!

Holly Springer
I just started getting these recently! Such a weird thing .. looks like a little pimple but itchy as all hell!!

Heather Rackliff
I was recently biopsied a d this is what it looked like. Mine was granuloma annulare, I have that AND Urticaria

Laura Mccrone
Heather Rackliff my guess is that you do not live in the UK my health service lacks in knowledge and expertise when it comes down to Immune diseases

Heather Rackliff
Laura Mccrone nope. I live in Texas

Judy Kuhn
I do and my doctor said it looked like excema

Allison Aileen
Pinpoint hives

Kimberly Liang
Yes that’s how my hives started up more chronically after I got the varicella vaccine.

Laura Mccrone
Have something similar to these started over my back and shoulders actually want to cry been suffering this horrific disease along with angiodema for over 7 years with no relief from high doses of antihistamines eventually after 8 months was accepted for xolair what an amazing drug basically free from hives and swelling after the first dose 😬was like a new lease of life. does this only occur when medication is given as I’m
Now flaring up want to 😭 claw my skin off 😳

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