Has anyone had a case similar hives to mine and found a root cause?

I get severe line shaped hives everyday all over my body, this has been happening for 2.5 years. (They are not scratch marks this is just what it looks like without me even touching my skin) When it first happened, I was given prednisone which worked immediately but because of its side effects I did not take it for more than one week. I was then given blexten which helps manage my hives. What is weird though is that I get them everyday for six months and then it disappear for four months and then comes back. I don’t think it is seasonal because it comes back at any season. Has anyone had a case similar to mine and found a root cause? If it is diet I wonder why it stops for 4 months even though I eat the same things?


Letha Arthur My sons get the same way sometimes he came home from school like this the other day

Dave Dev So weird how it happens like that. Reminiscent of bacterial cultures grown in a petrie dish! Coincidence???

Stacey Paterson Could be delayed pressure urticaria…I was diagnosed with this over 10 years ago and that’s what my body looks like often

Geanina-Kati Taune It’s called dermatographism . You poor little thing, you must have been in pain.

Rose Koo Geanina-Kati Taune it is strange because it does not hurt at all, just a bit itchy. It disappears in 30 minutes to one hour and then reappears on a different spot

Megan Juice Sadowski I get the exact same thing. This happened two weeks after I had a hysterectomy. I am currently for three weeks gluten, dairy and sugar free. (The elimination diet per the Cleveland Clinic ) I have 90% improvement.

Jennifer Emrick I’d give anything for a break would make life easier
Hope U get answers

Jennifer Verge It looks like pressure hives because of the lines. Maybe research that and see if it fits. Of course, there is no explanation as to WHY people get pressure hives, just like all other hives, but it may explain the lines!

Melissa Joy This is what mine look like too. I haven’t found a cause

Kristen Wirries I suffer from chronic pressure uticaria, seems like similar markings, yours could be delayed pressure uticaria though.

Harprit Phull Kristen Wirries i agree it could be delayed pressure

Lili Deering My son has the EXACT hives! All his blood allergy tests came back negative. He was put on Benadryl and Zyrtec and he still gets them. This pic is actually an hour after taking the meds.
We have recently been referred to an allergist so we are hoping we can answers soon. I know how uncomfortable this can be. I hope you find answers soon

Rose Koo Lili Deering maybe try Blexten, it works really well for me!

Lili Deering Rose Koo thank you! He has an appt tomorrow so I will bring it up!

Eugenia Raciov I had H Pylori. Hives looked like that

Sheri Hammond Clark Oh you look miserable! I never had line hives like these. I am still getting over mine (going on 5 months) … I am still looking for the root cause.

Janelle Kamp Looks similar to mine. Everyday for the last 23 years! 😔 I did have a break and got them less after getting mold desensitising injections after they thought I was allergic to mold, but ended up with an anaphylactic allergy to penicillin which I think was related. So unfortunately I’m just used to them now.

Nathalie Börjesson Janelle Kamp I had mine similar ones for ten years now. Have you been on antihistamines every day for this 23 years? I have been on antihistamines every day for 10 years. I can’t do anything with out then but I start to get scared of this long time use. Do you know anything about that?😊

Janelle Kamp Nathalie Börjesson no, probably on and off for the first 10 years. Since then I’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding (4 babies) for most of that so chosen not to take anything at all and just put up with being itchy. 😕

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