Has anyone had hives that seem to come and go for months at a time?

Why the up and down rollercoaster?

Has anyone had hives that seem to come and go for months at a time? I had mine from July-December last year, then they were mostly gone for two months (controllable with meds), then back mid February to end of March, then gone for 3 months (no meds, no hives) from April – July and now since the starting of this month they are back full force again. ???? What is happening?? Why the up and down rollercoaster?? It’s driving me absolutely crazy and even my dr is at a lost. Every time I think they are gone they aren’t.
** YES I’ve had testing, YES I’ve tried every single antihistamine out there, YES I’ve tried the detox diet, YES I’m currently on a low histamine diet. Not trying to be mean… it just gets old to post in this group about how I’ve been dealing with this for a year and then someone will ask something like “Have you tried benedryl???” 😑🤦‍♀️. I’ve tried it all. For anyone who’s have chronic hives for a year or so- we’ve tried it all!!


Julie Miller
Had mine since September nearly everyday feel you frustration x

Ella Spadari Heath

Oh no… the rollercoaster must be terrible!! I am so sorry. Is there anything that you think/notice it’s related about these periods of hives?
(I ask because I noticed that when my pressure urticaria showed up last time it was after a period of extreme stress + constipation and gut issues. This time is exactly the same. Post-stress + gut issues).

Linda Fradgley
Mine went for about 30 years – and have come back on and off – Low dose Bilastine keeping them under control atm xx

Gerri Boyle
Linda Fradgley 40+ years for me. Been there tried everything and still trying.

Rael Briscoe
18 months in feeling your frustration

Laurie Newman
I am just starting the process of going to the allergist and Dermatologist I think it’s a long road ahead I have been having skin problems really bad for over a year

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