Has anyone had TRUE CURE of hives with xolair?

Has anyone had TRUE CURE of hives with xolair?
Meaning -they do not come back at all. And you wean off xolair eventually?
On steroids I am hive free. Just thinking as I still wait for my insurance company to approve xolair. I have been trying to get approved for xolair since September.
Perhaps this is a sign from above that the shot is not for me. I have been on the fence about it.
I just want to know if anyone is anyone in remission, attributed to xolair? No hives and no meds.


Janet Chacurian Padgett I have been on Xolair for four years and rarely get hives at all anymore. I don’t believe it has cured me or even put me into remission because when we’ve tried to stretch out the time in between, the hives do start to come back. I do sometimes feel itchy in the days before my next injections as well, but overall, it has given me my life back!

Dan Anderson Same for me. I believe Xolair masks the hives, but doesn’t do anything to cure us of the CU. Of course, people will go in remission time to time, and it might be attributed to the meds they are on at that time, whether it had any effect or not is another uestion.

Janet Karshina Thorpe I actually had 15 years of true remission, but it was diet and healing related. I was weaned off all meds and then the hives went away 15 years ago. Hives came back this past July with stress.

Dan Anderson That’s inspiring that a 15 year remission is possible. Hopefully you find remission again soon. And that kind of goes to what i’ve always figured. That health, diet and weight are probably the main driving factors for our hives, not meds.

Donna Sheilds My daughter gets here’s every 10-12 days she didn’t great after her first shot but has had minimal hives after the subsequent doses. The past few days for her have been really bad hoping this shot helps

Cindy Stimson Jusseaume According to my immunologist , there is no cure , only remission and for each person the length of remission is different .

Dawn McIninch-Schmauch If it’s any help we had been trying to get insurance to cover my Xolair since last August, finally gave up and went through Genentech. They approved my shots free of charge for 1 year…now just praying they help.

Caroline Jackson I’ve been on Xolair since 2015. Xolair stops (most of my) symptoms. It makes me forget what it’s like to have CU, but it doesn’t cure me. I’m in the UK and I only get 6 lots of injections. After that they stop my treatment. Wait for symptoms to return (typically within a couple of months). Then I get put back on Xolair & the symptoms go again.
I’m pretty sure that’s decent proof that Xolair works in stopping my symptoms but doesn’t cure me. My doctor was totally honest in telling me that before I started on Xolair. I know some people who their CU has gone whilst on Xolair. That’s a spontaneous remission & most likely that remission would’ve happened with or without Xolair.

Denise Kaz Schwartz I am almost weaned off xolair after year and half, no hives after the third shot. I am also weaned off all meds, and no hives. I am in full remission at this point

Jim Massery You are one of the lucky ones. Most have it for life.

Denise Kaz Schwartz I do consider myself lucky and am very grateful the meds helped me. I can only hope I stay in full remission once I’m off the xolair completely

Nancy Itzkowitz Too scared to try to go off of it!

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