has anyone here developed hives after a surgery?

I’m new here, but here’s a little bit about my story. In May of this year I broke my foot in 3 places that required surgery. 2 plates and 13 screws later and I was put back together. My hives appeared mysteriously 2 weeks after surgery. At the time we thought it may be from the pain meds, which I immediately stopped. The hives didn’t disappear so I made a trip to the dr. Was told there was no explanation for the hives that they were caused by my body being under stress from the surgery and recovery. Well here it is 4 months later and I still get hives if I don’t take a daily Zyrtec. Zyrtec is the only thing that keeps them at bay. If I forget to take it the hives pop up….. has anyone here developed hives after a surgery? Has anything seemed to cure them?


Beverly Sandusky-Radanovich Mine started after a surgery also

Heather Bishop How long ago was your surgery? Do you still get them?

Beverly Sandusky-Radanovich Over 10 yrs and yes unfortunately 🙁

Heather Bishop Beverly Sandusky-Radanovich that is awful! 😫

Karen Rivera Reynoso I get this on a daily on my feet, legs and arms, I hardly ever get it on my stomach chest or back. I tend to wash the area with cold water, let it air dry, try not to think about it and then pad it down with ice packs. I get a itchy burning feeling when I scratch them. I tend to take Zyrtec more towards the end.
I personally don’t like taking pills so if I can leave them like that for a minute I will before taking anything

has anyone here developed hives after a surgery

Heather Bishop I HATE taking pills, but the hives completely take over my body if I don’t…. I mean covered head to toe.

Karen Rivera Reynoso I never had surgery I was told I just had chronic hives, and I tested positive for a lot of food, pets and wild stuff that I’m Allergic to lots of stuff

Michelle Lisa Broyd I’ve had it for over 18 months it started when gardening I was swollen up and covered in hives and my throat was closing it’s now kept under control by antihistamines , different things start hives I know know that my body temperature starts mine , today I was cold and came home itching and tingling I knew it was starting so straight away 2 tablets , I can’t have a hot bath , I had surgery 12 months ago had hysterectomy told nurses and I was fine but at time I didn’t know what caused it , I’ve been tested and I’ve got no food allergies it’s so hard living with this it costs s fortune keep buying antihistamines but I can take up to 6 a day sometimes

Beverly Sandusky-Radanovich Mine also seems to be triggered with temp change

Heather Bishop I notice mine get worse when it’s really hot…. but honestly I get them no matter what if I don’t take a daily Zyrtec. Last week I tried to go a day without it just to see how my body would react…. hives started popping up and my eyes swole up 😳. So I ended up having to take one…. it’s very frustrating

Elizabeth Diana Honor I had surgery in June 2 weeks later and I’m still in agony. Mine looks very much like yours added with the dermographia. They say it can last years. I’ve never had allergies to anything except latex before. I use baby liquid allergy meds every other day to control the itching.

Janna Cummins Walden It seems that once the body gets into that stress mode and hives begin, it takes months to get it settled back down. At least for me it does.

Bella Donna Tordecillas Hmmm seems like we have the same story. I developed hives after giving birth to my daughter thru C-section then got worse after I gave birth to my son. Hives can be a reaction of our body towards anesthesia and stress to our body. Also my anesthesiologist explained to me that some of the population of those who had surgeries can develop urticaria depending on the anesthesia used.

Brenda Weaver I had a knee replaced in June 2017. Then in July of this year, I suddenly developed hives with angioedema and I still have them. I get them all over but many of them are around my new knee. Since it was over a year after surgery, I’m not sure it applies. I take 5 antihistamines twice each day and still suffer. I’m also taking a probiotic, lysine, and quercetin. I had ended up in the ER twice with swollen throat & larynx. Tried prednisone a couple of times but not doing that anymore for fear of a rebound effect. So now I’m just trying to live with it.

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