Has anyone just suddenly started having hives every time you get a cold?

has anyone just suddenly started having hives every time you get a cold? I hadn’t had hives for several years and then after having my first baby, every time I get a cold I have hives for weeks. Also, for me, the only medicine that seems to work is Allegra (fexofenadine). One of the 24 hour tablets (180mg) won’t do it for me, I need at least 2 a day. My allergist approved that amount, but honestly, I’m at the point where it seems like I need to take my second one even less than 12 hours apart from the first. I almost think I could use 3 a day. Thanks so much!


Paula Rigley I’ve read from others on here that you can take them all at one time. One person takes four. I’m on them at the moment but will only take when I have a reaction. My current reaction nearly ended me up in hospital. Worst I’ve had for a while and previous to this I had a terrible bad throat where I couldn’t swallow. So 6 days after the throat problem my face and lip swelled along with my hands and feet and I couldn’t walk for 2 days. Xx

Jessica Miller I was wondering about taking them together. I’ll ask my allergist next week. Thank you! I hope you are feeling better very soon. That sounds terrifying!

Paula Rigley thank u Jessica I’m improving but still got hives and itching at times but swelling has now gone xx

Amee Linney My hives seem to be triggered whenever I am ill or run down. However I have narrowed this down to the painkillers i take over a few days
..so they build up in my system and it manifest as hives awful.

Brandy Irie I think mine are triggered by opiate painkillers too.
Have you found other painkillers that help?

Ashley Hood Breed My three year old just gave me a bad cold and the hives are really bad today. Look better then last night and this morning. For years I thought it’s was bad acne. That’s what it looks like but it’s hives. It’s painful and itchy. My eyes and throat are swollen. It’s also Cedar pollen season here. I am not sure if it is a cold or the pollen. I have had a really bad allergy attack back in March that made it hard to breathe and sit my heart in what the dr called Afib. It was very scary. Still don’t know what caused it since my blood allergy test came back that I am not allergic to anything but that I have chronic autoimmune urticaria. Dr just said that I am not technically allergic to anything but myself but anything can trigger it. Being sick or stressed be the most common triggers. I have three boys (8,7,and 3), my husband is deployed, and I am doing online college. What could be stressful about that?! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Jessica MillerAuthor Ugh seriously it’s the worst! How are you supposed to manage stress under those circumstances and then the hives make it worse! I feel for you!

Ashley Hood Breed My husband has really bumpy skin but won’t get tested. He just lives with it. I have seen him have really bad reactions and had to force him to take Benadryl. All the kids get the red bumpy skin from time to time. I only give them medicine if they are super snotty or the hives get really bad. I was told I may have to quit working out. 🏋️ Nope. I will have to live with hives before I quit the gym. I love my gym time.

Jessica Miller Ashley Hood Breed I’m with you! Won’t give up my gym time!

Ashley Hood Breed What I don’t get is he won’t take his antibiotics for the serve sinus infection he had before he left on deployment but is now taking sleep aids. My husband confuses me.

Ellana Jo Gossett Have you tried zertec?

Jessica Miller I have! It doesn’t do anything for me. So weird!

Ellana Jo Gossett That’s crazy. I know one Dr i went to asked told me zertec works best for hives but unfortunately not for everyone. I’m sorry. I used to allegra but I ran into the problem ur having where it seemed it was less than 12 hours. I hope it gets better for you!

Jessica Miller Ellana Jo Gossett I’m glad to know it’s not just me with the Allegra. I may try throwing a Zertec in just to see what happens. It’s been a while since I tried it.

Ellana Jo Gossett Yeah it might help. I think I used to take it a long time ago and I switched and now I am back to it. Dr said could take 2 just separate it to one every 12 hours

Brandy Irie I take a Zyrtec and a Zantac every 12 hours. It’s usually enough. Once in a while I still need a benadryl.

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