Has anyone suffered from Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) ?

Has anyone suffered or family memeber suffered from Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) ? Im wondering if my chronic urticaria has anythi g to do with hers? Shes obly 7 amd is in so much pain. Any info would be greately appreciated. She just got diagnosed last week but has had ot for a month now


Anne Pxyzxyz poor kid. I haven’t heard of that one, sorry

Abby French My daughter had that from an allergic reaction to a med. Make sure they are checking her levels it can do damage to a few organs. Research hsp and follow up with doctors. My daughter was very sick and missed a lot of school. Immune system goes down. They gave her meds and eventually it did go away. Sorry She is dealing with this.
They do not have anything to do with one another though

Crystal J Wolverton Thank u so much Abby Schultz. Yes we’ve been doing research and can be so overwhelming but thank God for Google cause Dr’s didn’t inform us much

Fátima Lorvão Figueiredo I’ ve this with exposure to cold temperatures.

Abby French Your welcome. It is very overwhelming. Just make sure even after it clears up they continue to check urine until all is good for a few times. It can cause damage to the liver or kidneys or one of those. Also cause constipation and all kinds of other crazy issues. A lot of doctors we dealt with didn’t know what it was

Crystal J Wolverton Yeah thts what we are experiencing and they only want to keep her on steroids and it happened alrdy 3 times as soon as shes done with her prednisone dosage she breaks out again like crazy. She already has blood in her urine and stool but still nothing can be done.

Abby French I’m sorry. I hope they figure it out. I know my daughter ended getting thrush from the meds and they gave her a small dose of liquid vicodin to help with pain. We spent a lot of evenings in children’s er

Crystal J Wolverton Wow exactly our story right now. Sorry u had to go thru it. But thank u for the heads up.

Abby French Happy we are thru it, any time I see a dot a freak out now. Good luck with everything. If you want to talk ever you can message me.

Crystal J Wolverton Thank u so much! I jst might have questions down the road. I appreciate it so much . Hope so I know Google can be a blessing and curse lol some ppl were saying it they had it for years or had to homeschool their kids. Or have long term pain jst hoping for best

Abby French Can have a lot of life long things that stay if it’s not dealt with is what I understood.

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