Have had hives on and off for years.

Does provide relief.

New to the group and very grateful for being admitted! Have had hives on and off for years. Also asthma, but super well controlled. Regularly take generic Zyrtec 1 a day, 1 singular a day, 3 generic Benadryl a day. All at bedtime. I believe that the Benadryl is what stopped my outbreaks based on a bit of experimentation. Have used Nivea men’s sensitive post shave balm on occasional or severe hives topically. Does provide relief. Recently have had a return of severe hives. Nothing has changed in diet, household products, and etc. Looked at old history of prednisone courses and did a 15 day regime with decreases over time. Was hive free during and for about 3days after. Then they came back. Researched postings in group and learned about H1 and H2. Started taking generic Pepcid and magically the hives disappeared overnight! Absolutely thankful and amazed. Now doing this 2 times daily at maximum over the counter dose. I know that 14 days is supposed to be maximum. So two questions for the group. (1) How long can I really take the Pepcid? (2) What are other H2 over the counter medications?


Donna Daley
I don’t know how you could take 3 Benadryl? They knock me out! haha..You can add 1 Prilosec to it.

Jessica Peterson
I take 2 (3 if really bad) benadryl 3 to 5 times a day. I also take 1 pepcid pill daily. I feared I was taking to much the Dr said it was fine.

Sarah Koehl
I just read that Benedryl is now associated with dementia….I take it too.

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