have so many questions . please help me.

My daughter has got urticaria .. have been there week may be a reaction to the mmr vaccine or nexium medesin .. it has calmed down but comes back in the evenings .. what should I expect this to continue? 🙁 and have you been like this? The badest one was the beginning .. sorry bad english im Norwegian ..


HEIDI KLIEWER Shoenline Henoch PurPura, I may not have the spelling right.

RITA HELENE HANSEN The doctor Said it is urticaria

BETANIA TILHE Oh my God… difficult to say if it will go away. Or when it will go away. I’ve heard that vaccines reactions may last a year. But it’s not said by a doctor…. you should keep giving antihistaminics for your baby untill this urticaria is controlled. Don’t leave like this. It’s not good to leave urticaria out of control. It can be dangerous.

RITA HELENE HANSEN It is better ! But im not happy intill its gone forever .

MARIE BEETGE Shame. I know as a child phenergan syrup help and zyrtec syrup. But maybe you must try some essential oils especially chamomile for the itchiness. Ive got a recipe that do help my now.

TEA ANGIER Ouch poor kiddo.. Ice packs have helped me, not sure if she would like them though.. But it relieves the itch temporarily.
I hope it passes soon, will pray for her <3

JADE HORSBURGH BROERE Poor girl! Not sure if the MMR does but I know some vaccines contain eggs!? Could be a potential allergy or just an adverse reaction? I hope she finds relief soon. This just breaks my heart

EMMA MALLOWS Poor baby I really feel for her knowing how awful it is  anti histamines didn’t work for me. Calamine lotion made it worse and I must have bought a few diff creams on top of that too! Laying in bed with cool wet flannels all over me soothed the itching but then I called over to my mothers and she gave me some cream that she said was amazing and she was right, it stopped the itching and cleared it really quickly. It’s a nappy rash cream called Metanium. Worth a try xx

JODI BURWICK FRANKLIN Poor baby! May I ask why you are giving her Nexium?
What is she eating? How old is she? I would make sure that all her food is organic and unprocessed. Feed her single ingredient foods like vegetables,fruits, meats and only coconut oil or olive oil. No wheat
Trust me on this. I suffered with hives for 20 years and no longer have them. I now help people with chronic skin conditions overcome them without using drugs.

NICHOLE TUCKER Keeping her cool will help also. Cool bath and rags. Benedryl makes a lotion to help with itching i dont know if you guys have that. Its a antihistamine lotion

RITA HELENE Hansen Dont know my self .

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