Having a great day. Not a single hive on my body.

Just going to enjoy this moment of peace

Having a great day. Not a single hive on my body. This is the 1st time in over 9 months. I started a new little homeopathic treatment this week. Each day there have been less and less hives. Still on my regular cocktail , just added 1 of these twice daily 8am & 8pm.
*I do realize that they can come back any minute with a vengeance, but just going to enjoy this moment of peace 😄😍
Update: day #2. Awoke hive free , still feeling fantastic !


Maureen Davidson
What is that please what does that do

Sandra Moore Griffith
Maureen Davidson it’s a tiny little pill made from the oil of the poison ivy plant. Homeopathic medicine believes in “fighting fire with fire” , so you use something that causes hives to treat hives. I ordered these off of Amazon. It was a little less than $10 for 80 pills.

Maureen Davidson
Sandra Moore Griffith thank you

Sandra Moore Griffith
Maureen Davidson you are so welcome. If you order it could you let me know how it worked for you ?

Cindee Vergara-Carrier
How many do you take a day? When I had ordered mine it stated to take 5 pellets 3 times a day. The bottle only lasted about a week to a week in a half.

Sandra Moore Griffith
Cindee Vergara-Carrier I only take 2 a day. 1 at 8am & 8pm.

Dorothy McCreadie
Rhus tox will be the correct remedy when the symptoms match the rhus tox picture. Homeopathy is a highly individualized system of treatment. If you would like to ask for more information I suggest you ask on Facebook page Help yourself with Homeopathy.

Sandra Moore Griffith
Dorothy McCreadie thank you. I’ll check out that page 💖

Debbie Hewson
I am seeing a homeopath and have not been prescribed this. Interesting. I hope it works for you.

Sandra Moore Griffith
Debbie Hewson I hope so too. I had someone else tell me it will only work for a short time. Once the body gets used to it the hives are back. Only time will tell , but I’m going to enjoy it while it last

Dorothy McCreadie
There are many, many remedies that might be appropriate
Debbie Hewson. I would say that chronic urticaria is not a self prescribing situation and you are doing the correct thing by seeing a homeopath.

Sarah Kraus
I started taking this yesterday too. I also started drinking nettle tea, and my hives have gone down throughout the day. I still woke up with some hives this morning, but at least they are lessening during the day. I just came off of prednisone so I think these are helping. I am also on my regular meds too and had my third Xolair, which hasn’t started working completely yet.

Sandra Moore Griffith
Sarah Kraus someone else had mentioned the nettle tea. I’ll have to see if I can find any.

Sarah Kraus
I saw the other post about nettles and thought I would give it a try. I found some at a health food store, not sure if Whole Foods would have it. It’s Traditional Medicinals brand called Nettle Leaf.

Teeanha Dolley
Sandra Moore Griffith I brought nettle tea the other day! And oh my goodness the improvement in my hives!!! I’ve been off prednisone for 4 days, and usually when I go off it I had bad flare ups. But this is helping so much! I have one in the morning and one before I go to bed.

Glenis Chapman
I tried nettle tea and had a really bad reaction to it. Totally covered in a rash which made my hives worse

Sandra Moore Griffith
Glenis Chapman thats scary

Elma Dalgleish
Thank you, may try them!!!!!

Sue Elshire Hargrave
Do enjoy it! Some people don’t have it long, and it goes into remission. I hope that is what is happening!

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