Having hard time with my hives-all over my body including my face.

This is me, having hard time with my hives-all over my body including my face. It was 2015 when I was diagnosed urticaria since then this is my very worst case experience. I was in the ER last night and luckily Steroids and Aterax helps.


Erin Courtney Dodge Hope you feel better soon.

Cham Milante Thanks Erin

Joseph Anthony Cesar Your hives looks different.

Hailey Johnson All hives look different mine look nothing like a typical hive.Feel better Cham

Joseph Anthony Cesar Yah mine looks like a map.. Very red

Cham Milante Thank you Hailey Ann. Same with you.

Alisha Marie Mine look like this, too. What, specifically brought you to the hospital Cham Milante- if you don’t mind me asking

Cham Milante Hi Alisha, it happened that I ate food that triggered my hives. The thing is I can’t understand if why it comes back after almost a year. I’m already used to it that everything is normal then suddenly this happened. It’s really hard sometimes

Alisha Marie Wow. I’m sorry 😔. I wish they had more information about it too- hope you’re doing better

Cham Milante Thanks Alisha

Naomi Marriott This makes me realise how “lucky” I am with this condition. Hope you feel a bit better soon xx

Cham Milante Thank you Naomi

Cham Milante Hi Purusha, that’s my derma told me. It could be months, years or forever. You too Purusha. Thank you

Markly Bautista Yung derma ko mahusay baka gusto mo dun

Mitch Falsado Get well soon po.

Cham Milante Thank you Liehsim.

Sue Elshire Hargrave I hope you are feeling better!

Cham Milante Hi Roc, Thank you. Yes, I’m on low histamine diet and I’m having hard time on it. There’s a lot of foods that I shouldn’t eat because my hives is so sensitive.

Rhonda Heath-Cowan Riker Feel better

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