Her body been swelling up and she covered in hives

I live in Scotland. My youngest girl used to get the odd few hives when unwell, but past few days been unreal. Her body been swelling up and she covered in hives. Been at hospital x2 and she put on a short dose of prednisone and piriton every 4hrs. That us in to 3rd day she b 3 in 2 weeks.


Keri Aragon That’s exactly how my daughters started. She only got them a handful of times when she was sick and then this past January she got them and they never went away until the doctor got her on a combo of meds. Hang in there the doctors should be able to find a good combo for her.

Lynne Nelson Mcclung Hope so, she sees a allergy dr, so I hope she will help. Left a message with her to call me. If I can’t see her soon our next appointment 2nd oct x

Maggie Pattison So sorry for you both,poor little soul hope she gets better soon xx

Susan Brown Bless her heart so sorry to hear that she is having to go through this. It sometimes helps to put wet wraps around the area that’s affected it can relieve the itching xx

Lisa Cavaz My heart is breaking for this sweet little angel!!

Lynne Nelson Mcclung Her face very red today and her lips swell up earlier. She been very emotional and clingy, she was so upset when she saw her face in a mirror. I just want it to go and never come back. But the more I read the more I know it prob will not go. I have been asking for her to get her immune system checked since she was a baby. X

Keri Aragon Just wondering is it normal to wait so long for a allergy appointment?

Lynne Nelson Mcclung That her normal appointment herself and her brother they see dr every 6 months. She also see a allergy nurse and a asthma nurse. Dr only work a couple days at our hospital.

Julia Fontera Thoughts and prayers hang in there find the best allergy immunologist and try cool baths no clothes just let her run around in her underwear that’s my advice

Missi Nelson Has she been tested for celiac? Even if she tested negative please check out the low histamine diet.

Julia Fontera Why is this happening to all of us and children I can’t bear the thought of a child having this i am so so sorry i want to try histamine diet does anyone have a recommendation

Missi Nelson I have one from a naturopath that is very restrictive for a newbie. Everyone is different so my triggers are included. I’m not sure if the files on this site has one.

Lynne Nelson Mcclung Missi Nelson I Ment to b getting looked at for celiac but will have to start eating gluten for 6-8 weeks to get tested, it make me so not well that I could not think of going back on it for even a day. She did have food intolerance as a baby and a egg allergy.

Kathy Schmitt Poor poor baby! This disease is bad enough for adults. I just can’t imagine the poor children. Feel better sweetheart

Missi Nelson Lynne, I understand about not wanting to feel I’ll. I would encourage you to limit her exposure to foods that trigger the histamine response. Hang in there!

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