Her healing as it was just weeks after that we saw the last hive period

Hi everyone!! Back to celebrate Kate’s 1 year hive free!! We wanted to make sure we continue to give you all hope for a better brighter hive free future. She just turned 4 at the end of Sept. and she remembered all the cards she had gotten the year before and was sad it didn’t happen again this year. My fault for not asking because I am sure you would all do it again in support of her. It has been an amazing year of being able to let her to live life to the fullest (almost) she still faces a few other challenges but we are getting there! We send you all our love and positive healing thoughts. I believe all the wonderful positive thoughts we received for Katie last year helped in her healing as it was just weeks after that we saw the last hive period. Love you all!


Melody Matthews She is beautiful! Give her a big birthday hug for me and I am so happy that she is hive free!

Kelly Allaway Ahhh what a lovely post ✨🌟great news x

Tammy Hamed That’s great news! What have you done to help her? My 7 year old continues to suffer with allergies, hives (food and chronic), eczema. While this group has helped, I don’t always follow this group because at times it makes me really down to know what may be ahead for my seven year old. I need some hope.

Ana Garcia I took the liberty of saving one of her former posts because so many people asked her over and over

Tammy Hamed Thank you so much!!!!!

Janice McClurg Thank you for sharing! So happy for you both!!

Joyce Rosenblatt So happy for you all

Liz O’Toner Sweet girl! What a good year for you all!!

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