Here is my hives story and pics

my story and read as well what you guys are going thru, or if something has helped you with this hives. so here is my hives story and pics

Here is my hives story and pics

On June 2018, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, after going to the ER because of a bad chest pain, tremors and a crazy 60 pounds less in less than 5 months( only good thing about it 😆). Ok, I started my pills for the thyroid situation, everything was going ok. till one one after work, I started feeling very itchy and all this hives started coming from nowhere, in my arms, chest, legs, back, once it reached my face and lips, I went in a crazy mood and ended up in the ER again. I was sent to a dermatologist, the dermatologist said that I need to see a allergist.. I’m not allergic to no food or animals ect(after been tested) and diagnosed me with ICU, I’m on prednisone and Allegra 180mg, the steroids can fluctuates from 10mg in a good day to 40mg in a bad day. plus my thyroid medication of 100mg and no I’m not allergic to that either.

It have been a painful but painful 1 year and 2months, mentally, emotionally, physically Roller coaster, for me and my partner, because till today’s day nobody has an answer, my doctors said my icu it’s due to my thyroid problem, but for me it’s something else. Which I keep looking for answers and tests to get done. Now my Allergist want me to see a dermatologist to get a biopsy done.. prednisone it’s the only thing that help me to have a normal life.. butttttt that comes with a pay, join pain, weight gain, now I have to do a bone test, bc of it this hives cover 85% of my body, and it feels like I’m been burned alive.

I do Keto diet, I stay away from sugar and flour because I feel sugar n flour feed this damm things. I had tried everything out there, and nothing. I can’t share my worst pictures because they show private areas!

Please if you are going thru this, stay strong in your brain, I know it can drive you crazy, get help, ask questions, get support, I will share any other info I get from my own experience. Thank you for reading


Dave Dev my first round lasted 2 years almost to the day

JenJen Otero Dave Dev i been talking to my hives sometimes and telling them go away while I cry 😭 I pray that one day, the go away and never be back. Thank you for sharing.

Dave Dev yup, it beat me down pretty good before it spontaneously remissed. This round lasted only 4 months because I found a drug free treatment and I beat it down, overnight! lol I tried that too! Visualization with my cells…even some youtube hypnosis videos (that put me in a deep sleep)

JenJen Otero Dave Dev what treatment? At this point I will try anything 

Dave Dev JenJen Otero LDA/LDI Low Dose Allergen/Immuno Therapy. Retraining the immune system to not over react to things that aren’t really threats.

JenJen Otero Dave Dev sorry for my ignorance, but that’s prescribed ? Or where do I but them?

Dave Dev JenJen Otero I recommend you reasearch it to see if it’s right for you first. globalimmunotherapy or LDA/LDI Dr Ty Vincent on the youtubes. Progressive doctors and some Naturopaths offer it. Not covered by insurance as not FDA approved (too much of a threat to big pharma, lol)

JenJen Otero Dave Dev thank you so much, I will look into it now, atleast there’s hope. God bless u

Dave Dev good luck…and the premise of this treatment is to modify your immune system for life, so no more worries of hives. Fun fact: turns out my trigger for hives was the strep bacteria..I’ve never had strep! ..but I was losing my tolerance to the bacteria I did have in me..

Nicole Carrie JenJen Otero I am going next week to try ldi as well!! At least it is hope for us !!! It will cost , but at this point there is no price tag to high to get our life back! I’m so sorry for what all you are going thru ! This group had been a life saver for me ! We will get thru this ! It won’t be forever ! I’m like you ! Mental torture constant research , I only have one kidney and am scared to death taking all these drugs! Western meds have not helped us ! Time to try some functional med and see if we can help ourselves heal ! I believe we can 

JenJen Otero Dave Dev ohh I never been tested for strep ! Tomorrow I’m going to my family doctor and I’m going to request that test too. I have heard a lot of cases of hives and the cause was the strep. Thank you for your help I truly appreciate.

JenJen Otero Nicole Carrie is watching the videos of the info, and yes I’m with you, I will give my last pennie , just to get healed. I’m so sorry you going thru this, I pray it can work for you, and you can come here and share that you are healed  God bless you warrior.

Nicole Carrie JenJen Otero awe I pray for the same for you !! We got this !! I will wait for your success story as well ❤️ I got tested for strep too but it was negative what Dave had was one that was underlying and didn’t come out so wouldn’t have even tested positive if he did a test . It’s a dormant virus that LDA ldi therapy finds thru the immune treatment it finds hidden causes for this disease from what I understand . It’s complex but I believe it will work for us!!

Dave Dev Nicole Carrie I might have tested positive if I had been tested! Ty’s theory is we have all been exposed to stuff, it’s in us. He says most of us have most everything in us at some level, from cancer to bacteria and virus(es?). That it is in us is not the problem though. Our immune system handles most of the little bits we have. Problems come when the amounts start to cross our immune’s tolerance level to them. Then they manifest as a chronic condition. Not enough for full blown disease, but more than we’ve been tolerating. If I had got full blown strep it would have been antibiotics for me. The chronic conditions seem to stem from that slight grey area between our immune sys handling it and full blown disease. I suppose that’s his theory anyway and he seems to be having great success based on it

Amena Fayad JenJen Otero look into it .. I just got my first shot of it today. Will keep u all posted my hives look exactly like urs. Entire body. Every frickin day.. all day .

JenJen Otero Amena Fayad what bothers me the most, it’s that all my doctors blame my thyroid but won’t run me no extra tests. It’s like all they want it’s my money, hard working money I should say . Smh!!! All this year and 2 months, all they did was thyroid panel, allergy test( w the needles), Ige and CBC w diff. That’s it!!! I take so much prednisone, that now if I eat something hard my temple swells up(I never had cavities), no gum infection either, now I’m that nightmare patient that won’t go away till I get test done, I pay a lot for my health insurance and I’m using it all !!!!

JenJen Otero Amena Fayad I went last week to my doctor sick and tired of all this bs, and said I want this test and that test done, to remove it from my maybe list, my doctor looked at me and was like what’s wrong w u? I’m like you guys is what’s wrong w me. I’m tired and done, I’m suffering burning alive and you guys don’t do nothing ! I had it. Now I’m doing my own research, and stuff

Amena Fayad JenJen Otero yup I feel u!!!! Exact same with me. They think I’m crazy and that every test I ask for has no point to my hives .. The only drs that will listen are naturopaths. They dig deep into everything

JenJen Otero Amena Fayad I’m on google looking for one. Next thing I’m gonna be sent to a psychiatrist smh because it’s true, they think we crazy.

Nicole Carrie Dave Dev yes that was why I figured you may not have tested positive bc they do a mouth swab and if it was hidden and not activated yet the mouth swab would prob not have caught it if it was dormant

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