Hive free day with Xolair injection

On this forum I saw a lot of old school injections passing by..This is the well known Xolair injection that is been used , in this case in Netherlands, with automatic-retraction button. Very save solution for the nurses to use. This is the 150 mg version. Have a hive free day!


Jill Smith Same kind that I use

Karen Ritchie Just had mine

Amy Walsh Got my second one this time next week 😊 so far so good!!

Karen Ritchie It working??? Any side effects??

Camiël Berkhof My wife has it for a year now Very little Side effects

Karen Ritchie I get a bit headache and tired but that’s all

Amy Walsh Only side effects I’ve noticed so far are total exhaustion. To the point of not being able to move. Lasted about 3 days last time, hoping be less this time!

Beth Steffey I got my first injections on Monday. I had a couple of days of aches and pains like I was getting sick, but that seems to have subsided.

Jacqui Todd Yip! Same here. Shattered. But is lessens with time, or I’m just getting used to being a zombie?! Better than the hives right enough

Yvonne Visée Clohessy As usual the USA is so behind.. When I got the shot, I got a regular needle.

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