Hives are all over my stomach, back, in my hands

This is me having a rubbish start to the day. Back at the docs on friday to hopefully get referred back to the community dermatology unit. Normally I am pretty tough with my cu but today I could happily curl up in a ball and sob. It’s all over my stomach, back, in my hands and up my arms too. Got a long working day ahead of me and my husband has gone off in a huff because I am not in the mood to talk this morning


Carmel Spencer It’s ok darl you look like you are in a very bad way and it is ok to cry i have lots of those days I wish i had a cure for you but if it is any help my heart is with you xx

Lisa Arévalos I’m so sorry you are having a very difficult time. It’s hard personally dealing with a condition that doctors have no clue what is the cause and having others around not understand the intense emotional, physical pain you’re going through. We all know what it feels like when you can’t find comfort and you can’t function, more less try and talk about it. I too wish there’s a cure for all of us and that you find relief (remission) very soon.

Sue Elshire Hargrave I’d feel like rubbish too! Gawd! I am soooo sorry! Curl up in a ball and cry – you’ve got every right…and I read an article where crying is known to level out your hormones!

Lynne Reynolds Im like this everyday honestly without prednisone x

Welles Grey Bay I am so sorry, I understand, yesterday, I cried, panicked , cussed, grieved and hugged my dogs, God bless Us all, sending you support

Lynne Reynolds Deb I dont know at the moment but since this has come on me I cant go without um as Antihistamines on their own dont work x

Deborah Birks I am still on 5mg after a few months now, last time I tried to stop had horrendous break out! Not had a biopsy yet as no “suitable” hives when ever I go to hospital and there is no way I am stopping meds. Good luck x

Lynne Reynolds Thanks x Debbie Shipman I used to be able to type in names n they come up but something has happened n now cant do it. ..any ideas??

Deborah Birks dunno about the name thing sorry

Lynne Reynolds Lol its annoying me lol


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