Hives are swollen and painful and itchy on face and lips

This is what my hives look like after 10 days of steroids, continuous antihistamines and juicing celery.. they went away while on steroids. Been off steroids 2 days and back so bad. They are swollen and painful and itchy.. also on face and lips.. I look hideous.

Anyone had this? What to do? I’m at a loss… I don’t want to go back on steroids. I hate this


Jackie Best Crowe Have you tried xolair? It has been life changing for me.

Deanna Casamatta Watts No.. what is it?

Hernâni Marques Deanna Casamatta Watts I’m having two shots of Xolair every four weeks and I am feeling great.

Jackie Best Crowe Deanna Casamatta Watts it’s an injection that your doctor gives once a month. It’s for people with chronic hives who don’t respond to antihistamines. It actually started out as an asthma treatment and it was later discovered to be successful at treating CIU.

Debbie Heaton On my 3rd year of xolair its been a lifesaver. Just on my 2nd break and expecting another outbreak as its not a cure but worth it as I get a good 6 months of relief each round of injections

Tammy Thomas Suire Steroids make then worse

Deanna Casamatta Watts Exactly .. temporary relief

Vanessa Davis Kingrey I do Xyzal twice a day, Zantac once a day but sometimes twice, and Benadryl every 4 hours. I add Allegra or Claritin when I have to. I had to do oral steroids for years and on occasion I still have to go get a shot.
It’s been over 18 years, now they stay mostly under control with above maintenance meds.
I would keep trying to find the right dr. Have you been tested for a auto immune disorder?

Deanna Casamatta Watts Awaiting blood results still.. took my blood last week.. do you take the antihistamine with the antacid ? Cause on the bottle the antihistamines say to not take with antacids.. justbcurius if I should wait and hour between them or just take together. I wonder if they are canceling eachother out?

Anna Fehr If your hives are coming back even though you are taking antihistamines…… I know of a research study in arizona that can help!

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