Hives can be so funny

Hives can be so funny. For no particular reason I have 1 on each foot this morning 😂 I also have plenty others every where else 😡


KAMMY EISENBERG Did yesterday’s shoes press on those spots? I often get pressure induced hives the next day.

ANNETTE MAYOR I get lots of pressure hives but usually while I’m wearing what causes it. I’ve worn the same boots for a long time and not had these 2 hives like this. I had them off for probably 15 hours when I got up this morning. My hives seem to just appear on various parts of my body at various times but I almost always have them on my back. Just can’t recall them on my feet like this ‚ I agree the placement certainly makes them look like pressure hives.

FLORENCE MCFARLANE Have your thyroid checked!! If that isn’t it go off your favorite foods 2 weeks each. Go two weeks without like chocolate, then your favorite foods one at a time. We crave foods we’re allergic to which makes us feel better for a short period of time. One of mine was bananas. The allergist after 2 weeks without said to load up on what I went off!! Couldn’t believe how rotten I felt. I was breaking out in hives all over and itching. Got my thyroid straightened out rotated foods and haven’t had it since!!

TAYLOR STELLY PLEMER I get those when I’m on my knees cleaning the tub. They always give me a good chuckle but then sigh cause so itchy!

BRENT FARRINGTON I often have them on tops of my feet, but almost never on the soles. Strange since they seem to be triggered by pressure.


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