hi Hives can come and go with this change in my body

Hives can come and go with this change in my body

The tell tale signs that my hives are returning

The tell tale signs that my hives are returning …
I have just finished breastfeeding my 10mth old only a week ago and already I can feel the hives returning, very itchy hands and itchy feet, I try so hard not to scratch, but I think i mostly do it in my sleep
My hives originally came after my 1st baby 10 years ago. I suffered for 8 years trying all different types of medications, accupuncture, chinese herbs etc. The best thing I did was see a functioning medical practitioner but they never truly went away, just becams more manageable. Then baby no.2 came along and they disappeared half way through my pregnancy and only started coming back after I finished breastfeeding, I fell pregnant almost instantly again with my 3rd (now 10mths old) and enjoyed being hive free again up until now when I am finishing my breastfeeding.
I joke with my friends & family that I will have to just have babies and breastfeed forever, but in all honesty our family is officially complete & I now face the harsh reality of them returning.
It seems So bizarre to me that they can come and go with this change in my body- surely thats of interest to anyone studying this illness? I’m fighting the urge to take any medication, at my worst I was on 4x 150mg Telfast tablets a day and have had stints on prednisolone, dapsone, montelukast to name a few. I am currently completely medication free and I don’t want to start the vicious cycle of taking them again- they also however get alot worse than this all over my body.
Also included a photo of my two boys, who helped give me that little bit of relief for those few short years


Khan Shazia
May God bless u with health

Rachel Weinberg
I wonder if both control would help since it seems to be hormonal

Lauren Bell

Rachel Weinberg I was on birth control during the 8 years that they were bad and it didn’t help, I’m not on any birth control now though

Bonnie Schultz
If it were hormonal how would that explain children, makes and menopausal women being afflicted?

Lauren Bell
Bonnie Schultz i definately think that hives are caused by different factors for each person, and it’s not a one certain thing for all

Danielle Rae
I just stopped breastfeeding about a month ago. My little is 14months. Broke out in my right eye today and I got the burn alllll over for the first time in about 2 years. Ive had this since I was 14

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