Hives faded out as I worked

Smashed out a long day through the pain barrier today! small win! Hives faded out as I worked. Get home and now I’m on round 2 for the day with them getting all angry on my feet and hands 😁 Bring on tomorrow!
I’m pretty active naturally. I don’t play sport as I could never be around people over the 20yrs I’ve had Urticaria when I’m constantly looking like the above photo. I’ll go jogging when I’m up for it but my work has always been physical so I get enough exercise working lol. It’s hard to say if exercise effects them. I dare say on a bad day I won’t dare try anything too energetic for fear of aggravating them. Good days they can come and go randomly


Paul Bradburn Well done on getting through the day mate , it’s a pain in the ass i know .

Simon Tomasi Got to keep paying the bills somehow

Paul Bradburn that’s it hey ? Sometimes there just isn’t a choice , all the more reason to say well done haha.

Alisha Onnen-Clark Badass 🙂 I did that for 3 yrs and then my power seemed to dwindle

Simon Tomasi Can’t say I blame you. One day at a time

Randi Harrison The ones on the body i seem to handle. But when my hands look like yours do, i know that frustration all too well.

Simon Tomasi Hands and feet are definitely the worst!

Randi Harrison Completely agree, but the head is pretty brutal too.

Simon Tomasi lol scratching your scalp like a maniac infested with lice

Joyce Rosenblatt For the scalp. Get kenalog spray. It has a long straw that you can direct where you want. Only thing I have found.

Devora Yellin Fish Well done. My husband is my hero the way he perseveres every day with this poison. He still finds a way to be there for me and the kids despite his own itch, exhaustion, and pain.

Simon Tomasi Don’t let him go then 😉 sounds like a top bloke!

Deborah Lee Juice And eat a clean diet reboot your immune system it helped me and stay away from gluten sugar and processed foods and sulfur and sulfites and dyes

Simon Tomasi Thanks Deborah. I tend to trim what I eat down to natural foods and keep it simple. Except for a can of Jack when I get home and kick off the boots

Deborah Lee I was broke out worse Then you and changed my diet and hardly any hives Google reboot with Joe cross

Michelle Barger I have to say I believe it keeps me clear of hives.

Sue Elshire Hargrave Ouch! They are relentless. I was completely covered and went outside and did yard work, totally making it worse, but I felt like I can’t deal with doing nothing and just sitting around. I pay for it dearly when I do the “ignore the hives and do what you want to do anyway”, but we’ve got to live our lives. It’s very difficult.

Simon Tomasi Totally agree! I’m constantly telling people off for telling me to go home from work early or have a day off. Sitting at home on my ass does not help

Carly Grayeski Simon Tomasi so true! Sitting at home and thinking about the itch is soooo much worse!

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