Hives has anyone had rashes or hives under the skin?

Basically I started to get hives just on my back about 2 years ago and it would come and go but wasn’t bad enough to treat. 3 weeks ago I had a weird rash appear on both of my forearms and it didn’t itch. Went away and then a few days later bam. I am not getting hives all over my body and wearing any type of pants irritates my skin so bad. I have seen two dermatologist and finally saw an allergist that ordered blood work and I am still awaiting it.
The two dermatologist said it could have been from the IUD I had so it came out two days ago. I have a feeling it wasn’t now. I am on Allegra and now Zantac with some relief but not enough. I also have had asthma with this and now I am of sudden allergic to my dogs!! My throat is always dry like I have inhaled dust. My knee joints hurt.
I went to the grocery store earlier and the cold temps made my chest feel tight and cold. I get pins and needles sensation in my face and back and burning as well on my back. I feel eveything is getting worst and worst. I have never felt so down. Tonight my lips tingles and I am just wondering how can something hit someone so fast and each day is becoming worst and worst. I have had to stop working out as the sweat on my back causes hives and burns. I am having such bad anxiety now constantly looking for hives and rashes on my body or worried I might need an epipen.
I am including some photos and wondering besides hives has anyone had rashes or hives under the skin? The 1st photo was more rashy and really warm to touch. They don’t itch! Anyone having these same symptoms as me?


Lindsey Scheer Mine look like these but mine itch like crazy. Or burn almost like a sunburn feeling

Sue Elshire Hargrave I am so sorry this is occurring! The anxiety, itching and hives are very common for those with CU. you are not alone. It takes awhile to grasp what CU is all about, but we are here to help you!

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