Hives lead to eczema breakout and now on antibiotics to treat the infection

Hives lead to eczema breakout and now on antibiotics to treat the infection! So sick of the continuous cycle!! We are in the uk she is 8 and on antihistamines twice a day and vitamin d


Terri Colmenares Burdette Oh god why children??? I’m so sorry I can’t imagine your pain and anguish

Jude Lemon Bless her! My daughter is 7 (we’re in the uk too). She suffers from viral urticaria & is on citrizine twice a day to try & keep it at bay. Sending hugs x

Megan Hassan-Shaw Aww, bless her. Totally sympathise. You tried aloe vera on it to cool it down? Takes away the itch for a bit. Don’t think your supposed to put it on broken skin though, I do but I’m an adult, lol. Just on the hives. I’m in the UK, and they have done nothing for me. But deffo push the drs for help. She’s only young.

Mina Barr Poor kid. Young ones seem to always have worse secondary problems.

Rhoda Young Bless. Sending well wishes x

Paul Joyce Exactly the same problem as me. Urticaria leads to eczema. All year round. In the same place too, my neck front and back.

Rain Phoenix Rae any pure berry essence there? antibiotic suck! it could make urticarea worse.maybe try avoiding fast food too.

Janice McClurg Heart breaking

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