hi Hives Where Cancer Is?

Hives Where Cancer Is?

The question, “hives where cancer is” is a question no one wants to ask his or herself, but it’s one you need to ask. Hives are allergic reactions of the skin. They start as red, itchy patches and move outwards, causing blistering and rashes in many cases. The skin may also swell and ooze fluid or become discolored. Acid reflux can cause hives, as well as contact with poison ivy, pesticides and having an allergic reaction to fleece clothing. All types of cancer are known causes for hives

Hives are more than just a common skin condition. They’re where cancer can grow. Hives is where tumor markers alive and well, even if the tumor has been removed.

Hives Where Cancer Is

Hives are caused by the body’s immune system reacting to something that it thinks is harmful. It is a response that causes inflammation and redness.

The question is, how can you tell if your hives are caused by cancer?

The answer is simple: hives are not a symptom of cancer. However, there are some medical conditions that can cause hives and

These include:

  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy (if you are pregnant)
  • Asthma or allergies to foods or medications
  • Stress and anxiety disorders such as panic attacks or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

But sometimes, hives are a sign of cancer. Cancerous lumps may appear as red and itchy bumps on the skin. If you notice these signs and they don’t go away within two weeks, talk to your doctor.


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