Hope this can help someone

I’ve finally found something that helps some and would like to share. I’ve had hives off-and-on for 4 years and completely “on” since September of last year. I do feel like they’re a different presentation so am including pictures for your reference.

A few weeks ago someone in this group mentioned hot showers as helpful. I remember thinking “hell no!” I was the cold shower queen, even in the middle of winter, bc heat makes hives worse right? Well, I was desperate last week and decided to give it a try. It really couldn’t get any worse.
The shower was hot enough to make me sweat, and miserable. It itched like fire. But I stuck it out. I scratched like crazy and the resulting needle feeling of the hot water hitting my skin was almost a relief. And then after a good 15 min, I got out. The hives had gone down some and 10 min later were diminished by 90%. I’ve done this 3 nights now and experienced relief every time.

Hope this can help someone. It’s not the answer for everyone but certainly helped me!


Mary Malchisky I’ve done this since April when mine started. When they are super bad and unbearable I take a hot shower!

Marlee Galloway Mary Malchisky same here. Mine started in April as well

Mary Malchisky Marlee Galloway its terrible!!

Renee Gandara I do hot showers as well! It helps with the itching for me.

Sara Louise A bath helps me ……. mine appear very similar to yours …… I take telfast 180 ( fexafenadine ) it works for me a treat

Moon de Heer I always shower hot , but the relief is only as long as i’m in the shower , but cold packs are live savers too especially for itchy oedema feet or other itchy swollen places

Anne Outhouse Dixson I take a hot shower & use aveeno skin relief body wash. It really helps

Cynthia Williams I know it does sound crazy, because of the times before, but I too gave it a try and helped me also.


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