Hopefully it works for hives free.

Going to give it a whirl!! Hopefully it works. Lord please heal me from my hives in Jesus name we pray. Amen


LAUREN LAUG I just started using the probiotics. I didnt know they made a cleanse!

KIRI LYN GLENN I hope it works. That stuff is so expensive where I can find it and on top of my other meds I just can’t bring myself to try it yet.

ISABELLA BRODERICK Yes true Wholefoods that’s 90 days three months supply for. $95 $1.00 day plus $45 for the 15 days cleanse.

LESLEY WILSON I have been using L-Glutamine and 30billion Probiotic for a week and for the first time in months……NO HIVES!
I haven’t tossed the Prednisone in the trash just yet, still can’t believe this treatment is working!!
Hope you have the same success

ISABELLA BRODERICK Thank you! That’s great news! Wishing speedy recovery to us all. We have to figure it out for ourselves dr’s play the guessing game too. So we must try different things and sort it out.

NATASHA NICOLE I started a probiotic and prebiotic regimen and my hives are almost completely nonexistent. Just mainly when my immune system is compromised, like if I have a cold. Fingers crossed that you have the same relief.

BRITTANY KELLY How are you doing with your hives? I am on day 4 of this cleanse because, why not?


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