Hopefully you can see the hives

I took this picture of myself this morning. I know the lighting is bad but hopefully you can see the hives.

I took a couple of antihistamines and the hives have gone away somewhat. But it still hurts to fully open my left eye. I have a hive right on the corner. And my left cheek burns.

I’ve had a shower and that usually tends to help my hives. But no avail this time :'( my lip is even swollen a bit still! Any ideas on how to relieve my pain?


Lynn Lucas Gould Tylenol for the pain, or the generic form of it. No ibuprofen or aspirin, they make hives worse. Perhaps Benadryl if you haven’t had any antihistamines in a while… warm or cool compresses, which ever makes you feel better.

Alette Dielle Delancy I dont take pain killers. They typically dont work for me and Tylenol definitely doesnt. I took a generic allergy pill before… I couldnt afford the drowsiness of Benadryl. I’ve been drinking a cold Ginger Ale though and using condensation from that on my face.

Moon de Heer Lynn Lucas Gould ibuprofen can make it worse but doesn’t always in my case it is the only painkiller that reliefs pain , hives or other pains and doesn’t make my hives worse none of the NAISD meds do

Tammy Tj Perdue Rees I drink really cold drinks and use ice on my lips for very short periods of time. Hope you feel better.

Alette Dielle Delancy Thanks. I’ve been drinking a cold Ginger Ale. Plus I’ve used the condensation from that one my face. It seems to be helping.

Alette Dielle Delancy So today the hives have gotten worse. My left eye is basically swollen shut. I have hives on my forehead and neck now. Sigh. Oh, and my lip is still slightly swollen.

Debbie Thomas Alette Dielle Delancy mine would do this almost everyday…I doubled my Claritin and singular and started taking vitamin D. It helped tremendously. I figured out the medicine my Dermatologist gave me was making me swell…as does Benadryl! She said it was fine to double my others if it helped. Also I use pure coconut oil on my skin..which also helped…Just thought I’d share…because I HATED WAKING UP WITH HIVES EVERYDAY!

Alette Dielle Delancy My doctor asked me to take vitamin D before…. I did for a while but forgot. Maybe I need to start again. Thanks. And I’ve heard a lot about oils… maybe I should look into trying it. I mean, this is ridiculous! I dont like having one eye closed all day. At least now I’m able to open it… Just not keep it open.

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