Hospital put me back on Prednisone for 5 days

Woke up to swollen lips

So I started trying to detox using the Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar on Wednesday. Woke up to swollen lips on Thursday. Tried again Thursday night woke up to eye swollen shut today. Smh Hospital put me back on Prednisone for 5 days smh I’m so over this….😡😡😡😡


TRACI GEORGE How much brags were you taking a day? Was it the 3 shots of it a day? I ask because I just bought some and was going to try the detox

DANIELLE LOWERY I only used it once a day. I drank about 2 shot glasses worth, & drank a whole bottle of water afterwards

TRACI GEORGE Well shit, I hope you feel better. I’m hoping I don’t have the same results when I start it. I heard the the candidia in your gut can give you hives. So it was recommended to use the acv to help eliminate all that bad guy stuff. We shall see

DANIELLE LOWERY Thanks. I also have tinea versicolor so I was tryna see if detoxing would help both issues. Smh… I may give it one more try.

MICHELLE MILLER HEIM I’ve been doing it for over a month and I have noticed if I forget a day, the next day seems worse. I attributed it to my body detoxing.

DANIELLE LOWERY Did u swell or hive up bad when u 1st started?

MICHELLE MILLER HEIM I just get hives. I’ve never had the swelling.

LIZ KING I would also ask if everyone specifically knows what their iron levels are. Plenty of Hivers have had issues with anemia. None of my doctors identified it for years with many blood tests. Women should be about 11 minimum. I was 8.4, they gave me two IV infusions a month apart. Usually more of an issue for females, no rewards for guessing why

KATIE WESTMARK-BENJAMIN Have you tried eliminating coffee, sweets and main carbs like breads, also boxed snacks with lots of salts??

DANIELLE LOWERY No I haven’t tried that.

KATIE WESTMARK-BENJAMIN I have just found that drinking coffee starts me itching and bread…. if I have breads sweets and coffee I wake up with an outbreak in the morning. Try eating more salads and as much organic as possible including your dressing. Drink lots of water and organic green tea with ginger , sold at safeway its O organics (green tea with ginger) put organic honey in it as a sweetner. Cut way back on your sugar and up your intake of veggies and fruit. Drink lots of fluids, preferably water or the organic tea…. you can make it into a cold tea also, just brew a real strong cup of it by letinv it sit in the cup for 20 mins or till its just warm , squeeze out the bag into the cup add lots of honey and stir,.. then put in an empty pitcher and fill the rest with water and sliced organic cucumber, refrigerate till cold. I hope you find some releif.

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