How have you gotten relief from hives?

My hives are driving me nuts!!! How have you gotten relief?
Just a few pics- I have them head to toe! I even broke out in blisters on my fingers n cuticle areas. Either to dry n itch like a mad person or to damp from sweating and itch like a mad person! Ugh!!! The ones that are healing are scared and all areas are super sore n tender from scrathing-thank goodness no secondary infection this time. I was in remission for five years and I have NO idea what my triggers are and did a full elimination diet back then- just totally miserable 😖 and makes my nerves that
Much worse from the stress then round n round I go. When will it STOP?


Cecilia Salter Misery – I hear you. But you’re in the right place. We’re all seeking answers to that question by various degrees and methods of cure.(?) After going strict AIP to heal ‘gut lining’ – I still had itchy skin, but it morphed into hives. Then I had much to learn about “overload of histamines’ WHAAT?!? I never heard of such a thing! But the miserable, incessant itchy taught me to avoid high histamine foods, increase or add supplements and lessen stress asap. Benadryl has helped me immensely. In my personal experience with prednisone (and from what I’ve read here regarding Zyrtec) both have a rebound effect that is pretty horrible to go thru after what we’d already been thru. Best of luck to you on your exploration.

Sheri Hammond Clark Cecilia Salter benedryl usual knocks me out but the other day it amped me up

Cecilia Salter Sheri Hammond Clark I too would often get drowsy when I first took Benedryl. Now I rarely get drowsy. I agree – go fiqure!

Sheri Hammond Clark Cecilia Salter I hate takin any pharma/drugs.

Cecilia Salter Sheri Hammond Clark I agree, drugs were the last resort.

Anne Landers What are the finger blisters? I get those all the time and the doctor can’t tell me what they are.

Sheri Hammond Clark Anne Landers i have no idea! Didnt have last time

Barbara Hanna I saw a dermatologist who gave me 3 prescriptions for antihistamines and histamine blocker. Then an allergist gave me this cream. Wonderful

Sheri Hammond Clark Barbara Hanna 🤔 it helped huh?

Barbara Hanna Sheri Hammond Clark yes‼️. After taking histamine blocker and antihistamines this cream caused instant relief. I used the cream mixed with Eucerine. Half each. It is very soothing and healing.

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