How is that possible?

I have had hives for 10 months now. I have gained 50 lbs in that time frame, my depression is worsening. Anti-histamines are becoming non-useful, because I’ve built up an immunity to them. They are becoming more and more aggressive. Yesterday landed me in the ER, these pics are from yesterday. I am on a Prednisone taper. I see a Allergist/Immunologist in 2 weeks. I have to stay off any meds 5 days prior to seeing the Allergist. How is that possible???


JESSICA BOYD I couldn’t stay off my meds. I called my allergist and they told me Benadryl leaves your system quick so they let me take it up until about 24 hours prior to my appointment. Call and ask and explain you’ll be miserable without. The good news is, even with just 24 hours off, I went in all broke out and they could see it all first hand

JENNIE LEE HEMPHILL My allergist saw me on meds makes no sense. Try a low histamine diet. I’ve had hives since oct and started the low histamine diet a month ago amd now off all meds. My hives were prednisone dependent. I still have hives but def not as bad as they were!! My throat tounge lips eyes would swell up and get full body hives. Now it’s many just my palms and feet. I’m also taking a probiotic and a natural supplement quercetin. I am not a dr but maybe it might help. Good luck!

JAIME LAMBDIN DONNER My daughter was the same. She took a Benadryl in the morning at 6am and by 2pm the Benadryl was out of her system and she could do the test. The Benadryl didn’t fully control it during the day but enough so she could function

LIZ KING I think anyone who flippantly tells people with our problem to stop taking meds for five days hasn’t been paying any attention to what we’d been saying. Twice they’ve tried to tell me that and I’ve said ‘do you realize how likely I will end up in the ER?’…… it pisses me off, I’m not supposed to be the smarter end of this discussion…… if I am, then you F’ing pay me.
I believe I was exactly where you are, I’m using Hydroxyzine and it’s working really well. I hate Prednisone. OTCs weren’t coping, I was taking so many I would end up with the runs. Another nit wit was trying to offer a solution over the phone…. height vs weight….. ‘listen! I am trying to eat enough meds to stop the hives without shitting myself, don’t worry about your calculator, we’re passed that!’ (Did I mention I hate Drs?)
I completely understand the depression. You have to make your doctors take better care of you or find another. If you want to call me, I’ll tell you jokes or something to try and make it better…… don’t give up Lovie

ANNA SAM RIVERA I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I had to do the same thing before my allergy test and my biopsy. I actually only stayed off for 3 days because I couldn’t do the 5 days I still had hives when I got my test so…. Anyway my dermatologist just started me on Dapsone and it’s working I haven’t had any prednisone in a week. 200 mg of dapsone a day it works better if I take 1 every 12 hours.


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