how long have u had urticaria ?

how long have u had urticaria? do you have any different effects from taking cetirizine and atarax?
I woke up like this. Infested with satan’s minion from head to toe.
What did we ever do to deserve this life sentence?


Allison Querry I ask myself the same thing too often

John Avila Took iteraxx 10mg i have the same thing before but now its gone drink plenty of water and do some exercise to help cleansing the your body .
i have been suffering from urticaria for 1 year due to cigarette smoking my only side effect on taking iteraxx is when i took them after 30 mins or more i feel so sleepy i think all anti histamine meds had the same side effects .

John Avila Good thing is my hives outbreaks usually occure late night so the side effects of antihistamine doesn’t affect my morning activities.

Rain Phoenix Rae lucky u

John Avila Candice Drury before i had my 1st outbreak i used to smoke 10 sticks of cigarette per day then i got admitted in yhe hospital for 3 days due to hives outbreak and after 3 days of being confined at the hospital 1 week after i try to smoke again for 2 week then my hives reappear again and i didn’t smoke for 3 months and i didn’t have any problem then i try to smoke again then hives appear that’s why i’m sure my hives appear when i used to smoke.

Candice Drury John Rafael Avila I smoke and have been thinking if I stopped would it help but I have a very addictive personality and have tried on many occasions to stop but it causes me so much stress and anxiety that I get myself in such a state so I’m then scared that it might make the hives worse have you tried vaping?

John Avila Candice Drury i experienced a withdrawal symotoms also when i tried to stop smoking for 3 months instantly but i always think that it’s better to have this withdrawal symptoms from smoking than having this hives. Try to lessen your cigarette a day and do some workouts to cleanse your body and drink plenty of water we studied in pre med school that allergic reactions usually due to an foreign matters that enters our body that’s why our body reacts then our body releases histamine causes us to have this hives. If you are continiously having outbreaks every day most probably you have something in our body that we need to get rid off.

Moon de Heer According to religious people every one will get his or her cross they can bare .

Rain Phoenix Rae im sure im beaten to pulp in this just glad i have this page and everyone in it who understands the frustrations and wont judge or gets freak out.i feel like a normal person here.i dont have to explain or hide.

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