How Many Bee Hives per acre for Age Exemption in Texas?

Are you curious about how many beehives per acre for age exemption in Texas? We’ll start by briefly discussing what an apiary is. An apiary is defined as a place where bees are located for commercial purposes. It can also be referred to as an ” apiary” or “ apiculture”. An apiary is required for an age exemption application for a license to sell honey in Texas.

Requirements for Application of Age Exemption License: -Texas Resident Over the age of 70 -Beekeeper License with an average production of fewer than 400 pounds of honey per year -Beekeeper must give his Honey Production History and any other information the department may require -Has not committed any violation that would disqualify him from obtaining the license.

How Many Bee Hives per acre for Age Exemption in Texas?

As part of the Texas Age Exemption Program, you are allowed to keep a certain number of beehives on your property. The number of beehives that you can keep depends on how much land you own and what type of land it is.

For example, if you have 5 acres of open rangeland, then you can keep up to 30 beehives. If your property is mostly used for agricultural purposes, then you are allowed to keep up to 50 beehives on your property. If you have more than 5 acres but less than 15 acres of land, then the maximum number of beehives allowed on your land depends on whether or not it is used for agricultural purposes.

Bees are the most common pollinators in Texas. They are responsible for pollinating more than 75% of all flowering plants, which means that bees are critical to the health of our ecosystem.

To qualify for the age exemption from beekeeping, beekeepers must have a minimum of two acres per hive.


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