How smart you are about Urticaria

I want to say I respect everyone, and admire how smart you are about Urticaria, and how brave you are enduring this illness.

Secondly, I have been hanging back from sharing, as I am so afraid, and not as knowledgeable as you all. But, I am now in nightmare free fall and please need to share and ask for advice.

I am 63, been disabled many yrs with CFIDS , FIBROMYALGIA, ADRENAL FATIGUE, HYPOTHYROID, OSTEOPOROSIS. = 20 years. I got many tick bites, bug bites, then many poisonous caterpillar stingers in my finger , that were removed in eroom. 4 years ago, I started getting Hives from bug bites. WE live on a farm in rural Va. These Hives started out , 3 4 times a yr, in patches on my truck, itchy head, hot ears, I would take 2 Benedryl 2 x a day, and it would go away in a few days, Gradually it got worse. More hives in larger areas, not getting better with Benedryl. I went to e room, and they gave me lots of Prednisone. I went home , took the rest of the taper down Prednisone , and would be all right . Then, bam , it happened again, you know the drill ! back to E room ! ,massive Prednisone, but this time ! Horrible reaction to Pred ! the hives did not go away for 10 days. then they disappeared. I was so scared I just went into Denial. Until Bam, hives, but now they are different, they are like huge red bumps , pimples, that intensely itch, like a biting feeling. ? wtf?
My Doctor says now, ” I am sorry I can’t help you any more with this. “
What do I do now ? he is a Integral Medicine Doc.
I had a series of IV Hydrogen Peroxide treatments 5 years ago , that LEFT MY VEINS SHRUNKEN , so I can only get blood test in my hands now. Please , dont ever get Hydorogen Peroxide IV Treatment !!
I read about Urticaria and try to manage on my own, but hives are daily now. I am Terrified.
I take 50 mg Hydroxyzxine at night, I take 1 cetirizine in daytime. I take 1 Ranitidine daily. I take Histamine block DAO, before meals, I take Kavinace ( B6 ) , DHist ( Quercetin, Vit C, Bromelian ) supplements. I try not to stress, and have taken up Painting to distract, but I fear I my be allergic to paint, I love painting. I do mindfulness, and pray. I had allergy test yrs ago, I am allergic to Food Additives , and Black Pepper only. I know I am allergic to many plants and chemicals.
I guess antihistimines are not working for me anymore ?
I am going try strict Anti histamine Diet, ( ugh).
what to do ? I wish there was a Urticaria Doctor for us all. and a cure.
God bless us all, thank you for listening , and if you have any suggestions I sure would appreciate your time.


Beth Tiras Go to an allergist/immunologist. I’ve had the best luck with them… I’m sorry you’re struggling… I wish you the best of luck!

Welles Grey Bay how do I find a truly good allergist /immunologist ? thank you

Debbie Jayne Stacey Kemp Oh bless I have chronic urticaria it been gd since the weather got hot in the uk and I know now you feel I am waitin to see the skin doctor !! Now I just say strong

Beth Tiras i’m not sure where you are located? I went to one of the big systems (scripps in San Diego) and found one. You might also be able to go to a university that offers health care if one is known for that, like UCLA, UCSD – Is there anything like that in your city?? Perhaps your doctor and/or insurance can give you a few names and you can call and ask them what they know of your condition…just some thoughts

Ann Marie Dimartini Just know that you are not alone. Everyone on here has been very supportive and a blessing at times!! I would google allergist specializing in Urticaria in VA and see what pops up. good luck to you!!

Welles Grey Bay I live in Marshall .Virginia. thank you all, I am crying , my quality if life is low, thank you

Karen Shectman Welles, I don’t know where in VA you live, but the UNC Medical Center has a very fine allergy/immunology department and it may be relatively close to you. If you want more information about contacting them, please message me.

Carmel Spencer I am 68 have had cu 4 15 years now like u stayed home and put up with it DR saying can’t do any thing for you then I found 100 odd angels with this group i wrote down any think i could arm my self with and just went DR shopping and now have found the most lovely DR

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