How To Harvest Bee Hives in Minecraft?

Harvesting bee hives in Minecraft is a pretty straightforward process and can be done by anyone. I will go over the harvesting process to help you get started.

Harvesting bee hives in Minecraft is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It is tiring, repetitive, and sometimes a bit annoying. But it is also exciting every single time to see a new queen bee fall out of the hive to the ground because you know she will make all your previous pain worthwhile with her 15-minute life span and 30-minute spawn rate. If you are ready for such an endeavor, then read on for step-by-step instructions to help save your harvest of bee hives.

How To Harvest Bee Hives in Minecraft

Bee hives are simple to harvest. All you need is a golden apple and a sword. Harvesting bee hives is easy, but if you’re new to the game, it might be a bit confusing.

In Minecraft, you can harvest bee hives to get honey and wax. You can also use them to breed bees, which will help you convert your seeds into wheat.

To harvest a bee hive, you need to hit it with an ax. If you want to clear out all the hives in your area, use an empty bucket and fill it up with water from a water source (a river or lake). Then pour the water over all the hives until they’re gone.

If you’d rather just get rid of one or two hives at a time, use an empty bucket and fill it up with lava from a lava source (a volcano). Then pour it over the hive until it dies!

First, find a hive. You can look for one by using your “spyglass” tool (or just by looking around). It will look like a lump of dirt surrounded by bees the color of the bees depends on what type of hive it is. If you’re having trouble finding one, try looking near a base camp or hilltop where there are lots of trees.

Once you’ve found the hive, place your pickaxe into the ground and tap it repeatedly until the hive breaks open. Then use your shovel to collect all of the honeycombs inside.


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