How to Relieve Hives?

Hives can be a very uncomfortable thing to have. Itchy red lumps everywhere, the torment of not being able to get relief for hours. And there’s one thing to do: Find out how to relieve hives fast.

Finding a home remedy to relieve hives can be a challenge since each person’s body reacts differently to different home remedies. However, there are some effective ones that you can try based on the cause of these red itchy bumps and the severity of them.

Are you suffering from hives and aren’t sure how to cure them? Keep reading to find out how to get rid of hives fast.

How to Relieve Hives?

Hives are red and have itchy bumps that can appear all over your body. They’re usually caused by an allergy and sometimes occur after you’ve been stung by a bee or bitten by a dog or cat. But they can also come on without any apparent cause.

Here’s how to treat hives:

Avoid what triggers your hives. If you know what causes them, avoid the trigger to prevent future attacks. For example, if pollen is a trigger, stay indoors during peak pollen seasons or use air filters in your home.

Take an antihistamine pill. These medications can help reduce the swelling and itching of hives by blocking histamines the substances in your body that cause inflammation and allergic reactions. You can buy an antihistamine pill at the drug store without a prescription from your doctor.

Apply cold compresses to the affected area of skin for 10 minutes at a time every two hours until symptoms subside (or until the compresses cooldown).

Use ice packs instead of frozen peas because they don’t leak as much moisture onto clothing and bedding.”

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