How To Split Hives The Easy Way?


splits hives are a great way to help manage your bees. It’s an easy way to split hives and keep them healthy, without all of the hassles. Plus, it’s a great way to prevent Varroa mites from coming into your hive. Keep reading for how to splits hives the easy way!

How to splits hives.

splits are colonies of bees that are divided into two or more hive groups. splits can be done manually or automatically. automatic splits happen when a beekeeper decides to divide a colony for survival reasons, such as when there is too much competition for resources. manual splits happen when both the honeybee and the apiary Keeper agree on how many hives will be split.

How to split hives

There are a few simple steps you can take to divide a colony of bees:

1) Cut off one end of the hive and place it in a new container (we like to use an old yogurt container because it is big enough to fit all of our honeybees). This will create a splitting unit.

2) Place the cut end of the Hive into another container (we like to use an empty paint can because we can move it around easily). This will create an apiary and honeycomb division unit.

3) Gently shake the two units together so that their comb becomes mixed and then place them back into their original containers!

How to split hives the easy way.

To split hives the easy way, cut the top of the hive off just below the entrance. Then, cut the bottom of the hive off just below the exit.

Cut the Bottom of the Hives

To split hives, cut each hive in half from top to bottom. then, cut each half in half again, so you have two hives.

How to split hives the easy way.

The first step in split hives is to add bees to the hive. This will help the bees to work together and create honey. To do this, you will need some supplies including a hive, frames, hives ornaments, food, water, and a hive tool.

Add Bees to the hive in a way that will benefit them

The second step in split hives is to add bees to the hive in a way that will benefit them. This includes providing them with food and water. You can find many different types of food and water for the bees at local markets or online retailers. Additionally, you can try using homemade bee feeders as well as commercial bee feeders designed for split hives. By adding these benefits to the hive, you’ll be able to improve the quality of their colony and make honey production easier than ever before!


If you’re looking to divvy up your hive for the future, it’s important to follow these simple steps. By splitting hives the easy way, you can ensure that everyone has a share in the colony and benefits from the split.

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